January 18, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing vs SPOTY in battle to be the best show of the year

TWO fatalities have dominated television this week.

BBC1 Sports Personality Of The Year and Strictly Come Dancing where we knew weeks in advance the deserving winners would be Emma Raducanu and Rose Ayling-Ellis, and the only question that needed to be answered was’ which ceremony will be the more grateful? “.

Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice won this year’s Strictly Come Dancing

A call closer than you might think, as Strictly sobbed and screamed until the inevitable conclusion on Saturday night, with Anton du Beke being by far the worst offender.

Strictly issues, however, are largely staff-related and relatively superficial compared to the structural and political issues that nearly ruined the sporting personality of the year when poor Emma Raducanu was isolated in a bedroom the next night. Abu Dhabi hotel, Tyson Fury had been away and they were also missing a studio audience.

No matter how solemn the health and safety warning becomes, of course, that never reduces the number of BBC presenters who are always lined up along the Boney M lines.

The only two they really needed were Gary Lineker and Gaby Logan, who has become an outstanding sports presenter, but the Beeb has an illness when it comes to the staff, so they also added the obligatory version of Alex Scott and the era of Sergeant Pepper by Claire Balding.

In all fairness to ‘The Awesome Quartet’ as the BBC called them, they had a bit of work to do, with all the praise, poems, Zoom Blood from a Stone interviews and side awards that included the Helen Rollason Trophy, named in honor of the former host of the podium, and “Young SPOTY”, named in honor of Stephen Hendry.

Watch Sports Personality Of The Year regularly and you can’t help but notice that it now features two completely separate shows. There is a celebration of the sports viewers actually love (men’s football etc) and a celebration of the sports the BBC THINKS you should love (women’s rugby league etc).

The passive-aggressive ‘eat your veg’ tone here, obviously, was set by Clare Balding, who only really came to life on Sunday when presenting the World Sports Star gong to Rachael Blackmore in honor of his premiere. historical. female victory at the Grand National.

The triumph of the jockey, you felt it, was also the triumph of Claire. If you thought for a second, however, that Rachael would “break the glass ceiling” would drag Clare and the gang down for the rest of the night, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

The cult of awakening is a 24/7 operation led by far greater forces than the rest of us mere mortals will ever be able to comprehend.

He also likes to impose his own will on everything, which is why the Lifetime Achievement Award went to 24-year-old American gymnast Simone Biles, who withdrew from the Olympic team event citing “mental health issues” before coming back to win a bronze medal.

No one, of course, could ever doubt her sublime talent or the ordeal she went through, which no trophy on earth could begin to heal.

celebrity snapshot

But while she may have “led the conversation about mental health in Tokyo,” TV obsessively repeated, before the games started she had already narrowed down a serious topic to just another celebrity cliché.

The rule of least is more doesn’t just turn off for value reasons, which is why many of us probably walk away at the first mention of “sanity.”

Emma Raducanu was isolating herself in a hotel room in Abu Dhabi when she was elected SPOTY

Some of us also can’t help but notice that, in its endless pursuit of moral excellence, SPOTY also restructured the event and completely destroyed all of the appeal of the Helen Rollason Award: “For Outstanding Achievement in the face of adversity ”.

That won’t bother the BBC at all, obviously. The work of the awakened is never finished. Indeed, there is only one event that could ever turn the tide right that consumes BBC Sport and it is almost too horrible for some people to consider it.

However, Gaby Logan had the audacity to ‘go out there’ when she interviewed Gareth Southgate shortly after he received the title (no sneer here, please). the year ”.

“It’s a very special group of players,” said Gaby, hinting at impending immortality.

“One year today is the World Cup final. Can they take the next step and win it? “

Yes, Gaby. They absolutely can, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Scotland haven’t even qualified yet.

I’ve seen it all before

2021 really wouldn’t have been done without another psychological thriller set in a creator house, right?

The Girl Before owes a lot to Doctor Foster
The Girl Before owes a lot to Doctor Foster

The Girl Before, a four-part BBC1 stench that owed a lot to Doctor Foster, who can probably also be blamed for Angela Black, Finding Alice, and the entire catalog of lonely women in peril dramas we’ve endured in the past year.

Just like the rest of them, this latest retread imagined something rotten, of course, and was filled with heavy metaphors, lots of real estate porn, a really serious message about abusive relationships and all that stuff. things London viewers imagine. missed.

However, he shot everyone down, including: Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Jane); Jessica “Emma” Plummer of EastEnders, who probably wished she had always been impaled on Gray’s dishwasher; the Mark VI version of Peter Beale, Ben Hardy, who played Simon, the real killer; and David “Edward” Oyelowo, who couldn’t convince me either that he was a charismatic architect but controlling that he could climb the Matterhorn with Vanessa Feltz in his backpack.

I felt for them all, obviously, but no one more than actor Jason Thorpe, prosecution attorney John Broome, who just as The Girl Before had lost the plot and I had lost the want to live, had to fold his hands very seriously and announce: “It’s a total s ** t-show. “

Yeah, but don’t think your mind reading wasn’t appreciated, Jase.

Unexpected morons in the bagging area

THE weakest link, Romesh Ranganathan: “In the geological calendar, what J is a period on Earth where there was an abundance of dinosaurs?

Anton du Beke: “Germanic”.

Tipping Point, Ben Shephard: “The words Brook, Brown and Rainbow can go before what word to give to a species of freshwater fish?” “

Harry: “Dolphin. “

Romesh: “How many beds does a twin room have in hotel rooms?

Gemma Collins: «A. “

I’m a celebrity, ant: “Name three of the six countries that share a land border with Italy? “

Frankie Bridge: “England”.

Random television irritations

THE sobering awareness of the Sports Personality of the Year that Greg James is now the BBC’s idea of ​​’funny’.

The “expert panel” who thought Gareth Southgate and England were more deserving winners than Catriona Matthew and her Solheim Cup team.

Jonathan Ross obsessively questions his guests about their bloody dogs. Any quiz shows that contestants can’t just give an answer, they have to ‘lock it in’.

And the desperate and outrageous efforts ITV’s Walk The Line wardrobe department has put into its efforts to give Gary Barlow a rock ‘n’ roll edge, even though he’s a man who can never appear to be doing something other than depositing the accounts with a trucking company.

Lookalike of the week

This week's winner is Donald Trump and Kryten from Red Dwarf
This week’s winner is Donald Trump and Kryten from Red Dwarf

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Great sports previews

PAUL WARING: “We tested players with symptoms that were not showing any. “

Carla Ward: “I have an opinion on this, but I’m going to shut up. It just wasn’t good enough.

Glenn Murray: “Ralf Rangnick keeps his players grounded. “

(Compiled by Graham Wray)

television gold

The CIRO escape in episode two, series five, of Sky Atlantic’s mafia masterpiece Gomorrah.

Elvis Costello jouant Pump It Up au Royal Variety Show.

BBC2 covering the brilliant Christmas episode of Porridge, The Desperate Hours.
And (if I’m very generous) Madame Tussauds, surprisingly pleasant from ITV: The Full Wax, who examined the fickle nature of fame via those wax works that were cast forever (Hitler, Tony Blair, Robbie Williams, etc.) and those rarities that ‘A second chance has been given to display:’ Like Boris Johnson, who’s back on the pitch. (As of press time).

Rose Ayling-Ellis’ boyfriend bursts with pride as he makes his Strictly debut to cheer her on in the final