July 2, 2022

Stars: actor Majid Michel, dead?

Majid Michel, is an actor Nollywood originally from Ghana. He had a very rapid rise in the film industry. Majid is positioned today as one of the essential male actors of Nollywood.

It was his very first appearance on the screens in the film Divine Love, which was a huge success and made him famous at the level national but also all over West Africa.

From his youngest age already, he had talent. The young man had skills and talents for entertainment. He was known for his repetitive participation in school plays.

But, the path is not necessarily straight for everyone and Majid had to do a stint in modeling, it was from there that he gradually entered the film industry in 2000.

Most…. Alive or Dead?

Majid is a celebrity, a real celebrity. So famous that none of his deeds and gestures can go unnoticed and especially not even his death.

Indeed, lately, rumors have exploded (if we can put it that way) on social networks.

Rumors announcing the sad news of the death of this world-famous celebrity thanks to his roles in various films that he was rather good at playing. Rumors that broke the atmosphere of the end of the year holidays.(alive or dead)(if we can put it that way)

Indeed, according to the report of the website livingordead.com, a website specializing in verifying the authenticity of the facts and as its name suggests (alive or dead) who checks rumors about possible celebrity deaths, Majid Michel still enjoys life like you and me and is currently 41 years old, has a lovely wife and three cute children. Like what, you should not believe everything you see on social networks.