July 7, 2022

she opens the doors of her new home in Dubai

Nabilla has finally opened the doors of her brand new and luxurious Dubai home. We reveal the first images to you!

Nabilla Vergara at the heart of a new scandal

It does not stop for the beautiful Nabilla. Not long ago, it was Angels candidate Céline Morel who made unexpected revelations about the one Anthony Delon criticized. Invited on the set of Sam Zirah, Céline makes unexpected revelations to say the least about Nabilla’s past before fame.

« I ran into her in a nightclub that we all went to when she was in Geneva. She was not all tender at the time. She almost broke my arm because I didn’t want to take a picture with her! At the time, she was not at all known. We had a friend in common who had brought out her digital camera. As Nabilla did not have an excellent reputation, my boyfriend at the time asked me not to hang out with her so as not to be assimilated. A bit of a hot reputation! So I refused. We were in the restroom of the establishment. I turned around, she made me an arm lock and knocked me down! »She explains.

Before revealing that the famous candidate would have slept with Booba! ” I was celebrating my birthday with my friends and this young man I was dating. A friend of mine suggests that I suggest that Booba come and have a glass of champagne at our table! I go. He replies: ‘It depends, I have a suite at the hotel. Are you doing the after party with us? ‘ He clearly asked if I wouldn’t sleep with him. Nabilla behind was tense. She hadn’t done TV yet, maybe Love is Blind. […] I refuse the proposal of Booba who asks me if I have a guy. He snapped his fingers, his bouncer got fucked in front of me. That day, Nabilla slept with him! I don’t know if she had a fit of jealousy or if she took my place »

Nabilla Vergara: she opens the doors of her new home in Dubai

Nabilla finally unveils her new home

Now far from all this life, Nabilla is happier than ever, surrounded by her son and her darling. And not long ago, they decided to share their brand new home in Dubai with their community. We have to believe that the family has been talking about moving for a while, and if they had announced that they wanted to buy properties abroad (especially in Los Angeles after their health concerns) it would seem that the couple had all the same. decided to afford a brand new home in their favorite city: Dubai.

In a video filmed by her darling Thomas and where Nabilla appears in a beautiful gray shiny dress, she wishes a Merry Christmas to her community and reveals the first images of their luxurious villa. ” This is it folks! It’s official ! We are finally returning to our house! Merry Christmas ! “Very quickly, Internet users shared the various videos posted by the young mother, and they are dazzled by the luxury of the villa she presents! Decorated for Christmas, the very large house has shocked more than one by the beauty of its decoration, and the size of the place. The young mother then takes us to discover the huge house, find out for yourself in our video at the top of the article

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