May 22, 2022

“Shame”: David Pujadas invited to the daily set, he does not assume a cliché of youth

David Pujadas finds Ruth Elkrief. The journalist will reform his duo with the former face of BFMTV for a project concerning the 2022 presidential election. And the two friends have (almost) not changed as Yann Barthès reveals in Day-to-day.

David Pujdas has come a long way since the start of his career. The former strongman of France Télévisions is embarking on new projects. First there is the fiction on the Bettencourt affair by the current presenter of 24h Pujadas on LCI. And there’s also the journalist’s new venture partnering with Ruth Elkrief. The two friends have decided to reform the duo that had made them famous in the 1990s as part of the 2022 presidential election from next Monday, January 31 with mission to convince. “On the apprehension of politics, the need for politics, the desire for politics and even questioning, we are very connected. Afterwards, the journalistic practice that we had during these years, obviously, was quite different. So, we put that back together, that’s what’s nice and funny” the famous presenter in an interview for France Info.

“You have a brush hairstyle and I’m too smooth, so terrible”

Guests of the set of Day-to-day this Friday, January 28, 2022, Ruth Elkrief and David Pujadas received a surprise from their host, Yann Barthès. The host unearthed some archival footage where we can see the two journalists a few years ago at the editorial office of LCI. “You didn’t move” he declares to the two guests, hilarious. “When you see the pictures, what do you think?“ he asks the former presenter of the 8 p.m. newspaper of France 2. The answer of the 57-year-old man comes tit for tat. Shame” he whispers in laughter and embarrassment.Apart from the glasses, nothing has changed” assures the master of ceremonies. It must be said that the black frame that the journalist wore at the time was somewhat imposing. “I don’t know, hair on end there” continues David Pujadas. “TI have a brush hairstyle and I’m too smooth, so terrible“confirms the former face of BFM TV. Before adding:”Alright, shall we pass?“A request immediately granted by Yann Barthès.

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