July 7, 2022

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want his kids to think he’s Deadpool or Detective Pikachu

From the box of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds connects the projects. After performing a disastrous version of the character in X-Men Origins : Wolverine, the actor fought for faithful transposition on the big screen. Deadpool was born in 2016 and immediately, it is the box. The antihero capable of breaking the fourth wall denotes in the middle of the family productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), owned by Disney. Then in 2018, a sequel arrives in which Josh Brolin, the interpreter of Thanos, plays Cable. Since then, radio silence and fans have been hoping for a third film. But the character now belongs to Disney, formalizing his presence in the MCU.

And during an interview, Ryan Reynolds opens up about Deadpool’s image sticking to his skin.

Credit: 20th Century Fox France

Man reveals that he doesn’t want his kids to think he’s Deadpool (via WGTC).

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In addition to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds plays Pikachu in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. The actor lends his voice to the famous character in this adaptation loved by fans. The latter gives the creature a hothead side and it would be tempting for the comedian to tell his children that he is Pikachu.

But the latter does not want to lie to his children and wants to make a difference. Ryan Reynolds also refuses to let them think he’s Deadpool.

When your dad plays superhero, kids can have expectations. Mine [James, Inez et Betty, respectivement 6, 5 et 2 ans] know that I am famous but I tell them clearly that I’m neither Deadpool nor Pikachu. They need to know when I fail. Let them understand that it is important that a lot of success rests on missteps. When it comes time to sleep, I sometimes tell them: “ Daddy missed his shot today ».

– Ryan Reynolds

Having to deal with parenthood and celebrity isn’t easy, and Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want to mislead his kids. Recently, the actor revealed to take a small cinematographic break in his career. The man wants to take a little rest with his family before taking time off to join the movie sets!