May 22, 2022

Routini Alyaoumi (my daily routine): videos of shame!

I am a very tolerant woman. It takes a lot to be outraged. There, I am deeply by Routini Alyaoumi! Women showing off their intimate life. And if it was only their life!

2001. I’m shocked by the first reality show, Loft Story. What’s the point of locking young people up in a villa and broadcasting them live 24 hours a day? A wild success, millions of viewers on the M6 ​​channel, especially when Loana and another participant make love in the swimming pool. In Morocco, an organization invited Loana to a big event because she was famous! Famous for what? Fame is acquired through effort, work, values! I refused to attend so as not to condone stupidity.

Years later, easy access to the internet via smartphones will develop into another obscenity. The pandemic has upset habits and created new behaviors. During confinement and restrictions, the Internet kept people busy and pushed Internet users to film themselves in their daily routine, live, on the web. In Morocco, women shared housework, cooking recipes… Then, it was the slide towards obscenity, vulgarity, rudeness, indecency… Digital prostitution.

The routinyates! Young women, ordinary, uneducated, without qualifications, but with a major asset: big buttocks! The smartphone camera facilitates the publication of videos, in an uncontrolled digital space.

An insult to women, reduced to a most obscene sex object: sexy, vulgar outfits, with fabric thin enough to get stuck in the buttocks and sticky to highlight the posterior. The woman does her housework, her buttocks in the air, which she shakes vulgarly. You can see his behind more than his face.

Another teaches you how to clean your carpet, squatting roughly.

Another prepares skewers, her big thighs apart to show her panties. She can wear very low-cut outfits, bordering on porn and film herself in the shower, lying in bed, moaning, wiggling, exposing her posterior. The language is coarse, sickening, violent, especially among those who improvise themselves as sexologists and give advice on how to satisfy a partner through sodomy or fellatio!

These videos have allowed shabby people to rise to the rank of specialists, experts who provide advice of all kinds, with complete impunity.

Do these despicable women have an entourage to reason with them?

The look is awful: excessively tattooed eyebrows, hideously swollen lips, buttocks often enlarged by traditional methods.

The paroxysm of the vulgar? Bloggers give appointments to Internet users for argument sessions between them and it’s the buzz! My God, chouha (shame)!

One shows off with her mother. Others as a couple. One was cut in the buttocks by her husband with a knife. The husband eventually calmed down, because the main motivation is gain. A popular singer responds vulgarly to her detractors in the company of her daughter under 6 years old. Do we have the right to expose our children like this?

Some justify their activities by poverty. We would be tempted to sympathize! But poverty has never prostituted dignity!

The videos attract thousands of views. Influencers are contacted by brands that offer them to advertise.

As it’s live, the influencer asks her fans and subscribers to like and share otherwise she stops her vicious speech and the waddling of her buttocks. The more likes, the more money falls.

The closure of public places during the pandemic has intensified these practices, which are also used as a means of prostitution.

The gain is staggering and can exceed 120,000 DH per month! Huge revenues that have escaped the tax authorities, until recently when the Directorate General of Taxes seized it.

Why this success? Men revel in the sight of these mounds of human flesh that stir up their fantasies and fuel discussions in cafes. Women watch out of curiosity, even when offended. However, each click enriches these depraved.

It is the lower classes who watch these horrors, therefore the majority of the population. The repercussions? We create fame with despicable beings who become stars. A danger for young people who consume a lot of these images. They are taught that success, notoriety, luxury are easily acquired, not by effort, intelligence, work and values, but by exposing their intimacy. So make the buzz at all costs, like these two sisters who ask to marry the same man!

These influencers are influencing and dumbing down our young people.

They defend themselves by saying that it is the people who come to them. Certainly, but there is no protection of minors and the sharing means that you receive these videos even if you do not go to look for them.

Videos that provoke anger through the networks and the press which seek the intervention of national authorities. We do not have the right to let things happen, to submit the population to the influence of crooks who become coaches without qualifications and who dishonor us.

We need a body that sets rules in relation to the specialty, ethics and controls on the products distributed by these influencers.

Fortunately, the web is full of exemplary Moroccan women, whose videos do us proud! But beware: houta wahda tatkhannaze chwari (a fish contaminates the whole basket)!