May 22, 2022

Rayane Bensetti victim of a scammer: the actor hallucinates in front of his false identity card

Rayane Bensetti is currently in turmoil. This Tuesday, February 1, a user wrote to the actor that a person was using his identity and had a precious object to prove the veracity of his identity.

These last few months have been rich in twists and turns for Rayane Bensetti. In addition to comedy and therefore his film shoots, the young man has embarked on a new project. Indeed, he intends to unveil his first album very soon. For the needs of this opus, he even surrounded himself with several known musician friends such as Slimane. After having had a very busy year 2021 where he could not turn his thumbs, the young man decided to treat himself to a little good time by treating himself to a ski vacation. Only here, everything did not go as planned since the former candidate of Dance with the stars injured his knee. Enough to transform pleasure into imposed rest. That said, it does not mean that he has lost his smile.

A few weeks ago, Rayane Bensetti found himself in turmoil. Indeed, he had problems with his passport to the point of appealing to his community. Speaking of identity papers, there have been new glitches with his identity card… or almost.

Rayane Bensetti victim of identity theft?

Fame doesn’t just come with perks. Between overly insistent fans, scams and other adventures… there are quite a few stories that can scare our favorite stars. This Tuesday, February 1, 2022, Rayane Bensetti had a live example of his private messages on Instagram. Indeed, a subscriber sent him a message warning him that someone was trying to impersonate him. “Hello sorry to bother you but there is someone pretending to be you and in proof he sends your ID” he explained in his message. Fortunately, it seems that it is a fake identity card given the photo used by the actor. L’ex de Denitsa Ikonomov was content to add at that time: “Heuuu we explain to me“. More fear than harm for Rayane Bensetti therefore!