January 24, 2022

questions to ask yourself in order to succeed in the exercise

How to generate audience? Which format to choose? And what means should be allocated to it? Our advice to make the live shopping format a real success.

Carrefour, Casino, Fnac Darty, Leroy Merlin and even Galeries Lafayette… The retail giants have all fallen in love with live shopping, these live video sessions which allow them to introduce a brand or a collection to one or more Internet users. Here’s how to go about it if you want to follow their lead.

How to generate audience before …

No need to invest in a commercial event if no one is there to attend. This is the first challenge for successful live shopping, ensuring that there are people behind the screen. Less obvious to do than in the context of a classic commercial animation, where you can surf the traffic already present in the store. Before embarking on an acquisition strategy as ambitious as it is expensive, iAdvize’s VP live commerce, Benoit Cizeron, has a piece of advice for you: work on your organic base. “Brands underestimate the potential of their existing audience, whether it is their prospect or customer databases.” These are the bases that must be worked on, via a dedicated emailing or push notification program. It will always be possible, in a second step, to broaden your communication to affinity profiles and not yet customers. The main platforms now allow you to import your databases to allow you to identify look-alike profiles, which have the same affinities. Enjoy it.

“You don’t need to go to profiles that have millions of followers if they have nothing to do with your brand.”

And the influencers in all this? If they are often associated with the communication of a live shopping for their ability to mobilize an audience at the moment T, Benoit Cizeron recommends to stay in the affinity. “You don’t need to go to profiles that have millions of followers if they have nothing to do with your brand.” Favor small and micro influencers who will allow you to reach a targeted audience.

… and after ?

Remember that if communication is important upstream of a live, it is just as important downstream. “A large part of the audience for live shopping today comes from replay,” recalls Benoit Cizeron. The expert recommends, once the live exercise is over, to divide your session into several video tablets, in a snack content logic, and to push them on social networks. “It is also interesting to retarget the audience who participated in the live without converting with another advertising message, such as display.” It is all the more effective as they are, according to Benoit Cizeron, more and more numerous to put a product in the basket, during the live, without taking action immediately. “We need to provide reassurance to take this last step.” IAdvize is also working on a solution that will allow retargeting people who have participated in live shopping via a pop-up initiating a one-to-one chat.

What is the objective: marketing or commercial?

From the program aimed at everyone to a workshop reserved for a few happy few… your live shopping session can take many forms. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your marketing or business goals. “You can make a session to push an exclusive offer, over a limited time, to all Internet users or to a privileged few”, illustrates Benoit Cizeron. Ideal for starting a product launch.

The manager of iAdvize gives the example of a ready-to-wear brand that organizes live shopping for VIP customers. “The brand allows this small privileged group to access new collections in preview and to discuss with the artistic director to understand their inspirations.” Conversely, you can, in a logic of pure performance, take advantage of live shopping to destock. “We sometimes see dirty flash concepts to sell stocks”, continues Benoit Cizeron. Finally, you can decide to set up appointments: several programs over a long period. A way to evangelize an audience, in an educational way, about your product or your brand. “We are there in a process of awareness, to make ourselves known”, summarizes Benoit Cizeron.

What means should be allocated to these events?

It all depends on the chosen format. If you make a sale to destock, the staging will not matter, the attractive prices should be enough to attract people. “If you do this live shopping in a logic of awareness, it is better to offer a qualitative experience”, recommends Benoit Cizeron. The simplest ? Start from an environment linked to the brand. Like a shop, for a real immersion, or a warehouse if you want to say a little more about the back kitchen.

“We see studios specializing in the creation of fake shops to industrialize a little more this process of live shopping”

“We see studios specializing in the creation of fake shops to industrialize a little more this process of live shopping”, notes Benoit Cizeron. The expert regrets, however, that distributors and brands are still very consensual on the subject. “I dream of a brand of sunscreen that performs live from a beach in Biarritz with surfers who follow the waves and demonstrate the benefits of the cream,” he explains. In 2022, get some fresh air for your live shopping and invest in atypical places.

How to retain the client ?

A successful live shopping is a live shopping that manages to answer this question: what makes a customer spend 30 minutes with you? Often, it is the exclusive nature of the offer put forward, sometimes, the desire to discover the brand through a celebrity partner or to benefit from a promotion. “Live shopping is a great performance booster when the basic rules of e-commerce are respected, supports Benoit Cizeron. If you highlight products that have been on your site for 6 months, without reduction, it will not work. nothing to happen. ” If you respect the recipes revealed above, the results can, conversely, go beyond your expectations.

Benoit Cizeron gives the example of a merchant specializing in luxury, who achieved hundreds of thousands of euros in turnover, with a conversion rate of more than 25%, during a live shopping. “There was everything: makeover advice, exclusive products on sale and a great incentive, the possibility for all those who made a purchase during this live shopping, to win vouchers of 500 euros.” In any case, there is, to believe Benoit Cizeron, no secret: you have to give yourself the time to learn. “Doing a live, in one shot, that doesn’t make too much sense. You have to chain experiences and formats to find the right formula.”