May 24, 2022

Prince Andrew debacle: Kate Middleton sent to the front

The royal family of England no longer knows how to forget Prince Andrew, who must answer to sexual assault charges next fall. If not by highlighting his good student: Kate Middleton. For Diana’s former private secretary, there is no doubt about the parade…

Prince Andrew is in a mess. We don’t allude to his oddly stuffed bed at Buckingham, like the Sun revealed it on January 17. Although… we have seen less worrying collections in a man of almost 62 years old. No, we especially have in mind his legal setbacks: already stripped of his military titles and deprived of his status as royal highness by a grieving Elizabeth II, reviled by his older brother Charles and his nephew William, the Duke of York will have to defend himself “as a private citizen” in the civil trial who will oppose Virginia Giuffre, in Manhattan, next fall. The former sex slave of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who accuses the Queen’s “favorite son” of having abused her 3 times in 2001, has obtained the admissibility of her complaint. The Crown is gangrenous. The antidote to “poison Andrew” has a name for Patrick Jephson, Diana’s former private secretary: Kate Middleton.

Enduring and stoic, the Duchess of Cambridge is “everything the so tormented Windsors need”

Elizabeth II never doubted that with the Cambridge spouses, the monarchical institution was “in good hands”. “As the scandal in which Prince Andrew became entangled revealed, the monarchy has a vital need for reassuring representatives, Patrick Jephson’s analysis of the site Page Six. Catherine is all the tormented Windsors need, it is no exaggeration to say thatshe holds their future in her hands.At 40, the Duchess of Cambridge has not only established herself as a future queen in her birthday photos discovered on January 9. His stoicism places him in the lineage of Elizabeth II.

Monarchy is a long-term game. Unlike fame acquired through the media, business or politics, the one to which a royal title predisposes you is for life and for posterity. Catherine was able to demonstrate a incredible stamina, and it is a real accomplishment, still pleads the former secretary of Diana. The collaborator of the late “princess of hearts” prophesies a media omnipresence of her daughter-in-law and her eldest son in the months to come.

© Agence / BestimageKate Middleton next to Prince Andrew, when he was still frequentable, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in November 2015.

“Kate has, like Diana, this priceless royal quality: presence”

For Patrick Jephson, there is a scheduled ascent of the Cambridges. William is only second in line to the British throne, he will first inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, while Kate will adopt the title of Princess of Wales, never used since Diana’s death. Corn Charles and Camilla, future reigning couple after the death of Elizabeth II, will have to rely on them. The youth, the energy, the charisma of the Cambridges are assets which the direct heir of Elizabeth II, aged 73, can no longer do without. “In many ways, William is already involved in the affairs of the Crown. And he is of a great comfort to him that Kate, like Diana, possesses this priceless royal quality: presence. She is solid, grounded, she has that extra soul that naturally positions her as a future queen.”

Patrick Jephson notes that the photo shoot of the Duchess with photographer Paolo Roversi for his 40th birthday left nothing to chance. “Royalty is only symbolism and theatricality, it is its function on a constitutional level. A good portrait must captivate at the first glance, as well as at the millionth glance”, he argues. By the way, does anyone still remember what Andrew looks like?

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage