May 24, 2022

Pokimane calls on Ninja to be silent on Jidion’s drama: “Everything will be clarified?”

Twitch star Pokimane calls out Ninja for not clarifying a statement he made on a recent broadcast, where he claimed he was “texting” his rep to reinstate Jidion after being banned for harassing Pokimane.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, and the only woman to make it into the platform’s Top 10 Most Followed Streamers.

However, Anys was the victim of a targeted harassment campaign when fellow streamer “Jidion” sent out her followers to harass her and her viewers on January 13.

This debacle has led to a major debate on social media, with other streamers rising up to defend Pokimane.

However, the Ninja streaming celebrity and his wife, Jessica Blevins, have since threatened legal action against Anys.

This came after Pokimane shared a clip of Ninja apparently texting his Twitch rep to allegedly reinstate Jidion on the site, who was permanently banned due to the incident.

After being contacted for comment by his fans, Ninja said on Twitter that he would clarify the controversial broadcast shortly after. However, two days later, Blevins has yet to comment on the subject, prompting Pokimane to call him.

Twitter: Ninja

Ninja claimed that “everything will be explained” after the initial drama is over. However, he has yet to comment on the matter as of January 19.

Pokimane calls Ninja out for not commenting on Jidion Twitch stream

“I thought it was kind of interesting that Ninja was like, ‘It’ll all be cleared up,'” she said during a January 19 stream.

“And then he woke up the next day and played Fortnite for 7 hours. And then he woke up the next day and will probably play Fortnite for another 7 hours. So I’m like, were you gonna say something?

Anys shares shocking list of harassment due to Jidion hate raid

That’s not all; Anys is still being harassed by Jidion fans days after the first hate raid. The streamer took to Twitter to hit back at critics accusing her of exaggerating the situation by sharing a long list of incidents since the initial raid.

In her listing, Anys pointed out that Jidion had tweeted “negative/hateful things” about her even before the raid took place, accusing her of making “extreme sexual comments” about her to her viewers.

She also reminded critics that it wasn’t just her who received hate; Jidion’s fans were also coming after his viewers and allegedly “messaging my subs and harassing them, telling them to fuck each other, calling them insults, etc.”

Now Pokimane claims Jidion fans continue to spam his social media accounts, showing a screenshot of his Instagram DM requests – revealing a slew of hate messages from a number of accounts.

Pokimane continues to receive an outpouring of support from other streamers and her fan base as the debacle continues.