July 2, 2022

Pierre Galibert, portrait of a live and off animator

Among the unmissable voices of the Toulouse region, everyone knows that of Pierre Galibert, alias Maître Galibert. Radio and television host with a communicative good humor, the former judge of the game Les Z’amours is now director of France Bleu Occitanie. Portrait.

Pierre Galibert © Matthieu Sartre

“I have always had the job of animator in my veins”, immediately affirms Pierre Galibert, better known under the title of “Master Galibert”. The unforgettable voice, exercising the function of justice of the peace in the television program Les Z’amours, has also played its tone in many local radio stations. From RMC to France Bleu Occitanie, this native Castresian has never ceased to share his good humor at the microphone.

A precocious passion

When he was still a child, Pierre Galibert set up a dummy television studio in the playroom of the family home where he hosted fake shows. “As far as I can remember, this has always been my dream. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else with my life, ”he says.

Raised in a family of four children in a “small provincial town” of which he has “only good memories”, the budding animator turns out to be “an average student and very talkative”. Affected by a severe dyslexic disorder, he twice failed his audiovisual BTS at ETPA Toulouse. Definitely “more fulfilled orally” than in the middle of notebooks, the young man found in the liberalization of radio waves in 1981, an opportunity to make his dream come true.

A high-frequency career

It is in his hometown, at the microphone of a small local radio station, that Pierre Galibert launches his first jingles. The beginner is delighted and multiplies the models that he sends to the large emerging resorts. At the end of a competition in which more than a hundred candidates presented themselves, Pierre Galibert was hired by Radio Monte-Carlo (future RMC).

He then settled in the principality and accumulated airtime. For two years, in addition to a few freelance work for Radio Nostalgie, he held the morning shows, hosted musical programs and was called on to be on duty on the national antenna. “During football matches, I had to advertise live ads. I had a text to say and that terrified me, ”confides the host who assures him of being more comfortable in the direct and improvised. But Pierre Galibert is eyeing other horizons.

Southern accent

“In good Castres, I dreamed of joining Sud Radio, which was then one of the largest regional radio stations,” says Pierre Galibert, who is trying his luck and offering his services. The station opened its doors to him and began a collaboration that would last 19 years. There, he found the southern accent he had learned to erase during his stay on the Rock and wrote one of the most beautiful pages of his career. In particular thanks to the complicity that he maintains with two couples of major comedians: the Knights of the gall and the Duo of the non.

“For nearly ten years, I was the punching bag of Eric and Francis (the Knights of gall, Editor’s note). We spent hours laughing in the studio. I loved playing the white clown and having the listeners on the air, ”recalls with sincere pleasure this absolute fan of Jean-Pierre Foucault. “For me, he’s a living god! He was the one who gave me the recipe: stay yourself and remember that the radio is, above all, a conversation with the listener ”. An approach to animation, based on conviviality and good humor, which he makes his leitmotif and which he will endeavor to transpose to the small screen.

From apprentice to Master Galibert

In fact, in 1995, Pierre Galibert was offered the role which would make him famous among the general public: that of Maître Galibert. Alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann, he rose to fame. “It’s been 14 years of improv, of kidding and full laughs”, assures the host before confiding to have been surprised by the dazzling notoriety brought by television.

“It’s instantaneous, people recognize you on the street. Even today, there is not a day without people talking to me about Z’amours. People identify you totally with your character, to the point that viewers believed that I was a bailiff, ”laughs Pierre Galibet, who then becomes a regular on TV sets. He intervenes, in voiceover then in flesh and blood, in the programs La Cible et Pyramide and even makes a few appearances in television films. Until the day when, in 2009, he decided to put the microphone down.

Hang up the crampons …

Because Pierre Galibert is convinced that, like high-level rugby players, radio and television presenters “do not age well”. And that they must “hang up their spikes” at the right time. Thus, after more than twenty years on the air, Pierre Galibert “hands the microphone to young people” and becomes director of France Bleu Creuse. He was then promoted to France Bleu Roussillon before being entrusted, in 2015, with the management of France Bleu Toulouse, which would become France Bleu Occitanie two years later.

So yes, he misses the microphone terribly. But Pierre Galibert is convinced that, thanks to his experience, he can help his teams find the right tone. And, above all, to transmit to them his obsession with proximity. “Radio is a very light medium. With just a microphone and a headset, the imagination can tickle, ”he explains.

… but stay on track

Author of a play, a boulevard comedy, Pierre Galibert and above all a circus lover. “It’s my second passion forever. Already as a child, I was attracted by the atmosphere and all the excitement that reigns around marquees and trailers ”. So, from time to time, the retiree of the microphones comes on the track to don the costume of Mr. Loyal. A role of conductor tailor-made for a cheerful animator fond of clowning.