May 22, 2022

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Oshi No Ko





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Oshi-No-Ko_image1Goro is a funny doctor. A serious-looking obstetrician, he is a fan of pop music and especially girl’s bands. And more precisely of a singer, Ai Hoshino, introduced to him by a young patient, who has since died. Fascinated, bewitched, hypnotized by the starlet, he can’t believe it when she arrives in his office to… follow up on her pregnancy! Because Aï is only 16 years old, and becoming a mother for a singer of her category, more a pop doll for kids than a mature diva, does not do it in terms of communication and bad buzz on the networks. But that’s how it is, Ai is pregnant with twins. And by a twist of fate that only the manga know, Gorô is reincarnated in one of Ai’s two babies, with his full adult consciousness!

The brain of an adult in the body of a child, it is a classic spring of Japanese comics, in all styles. Nostalgic Distant neighborhood de Jiro Taniguchi au sentimental Second Summer never see you again, through the muscular Tokyo Revengers, propelling an old man into the sneakers of a teenager can give an interesting dynamic. There, the fact that is a baby – apart from a few easy valves – is of little interest, and besides, the children grow up quite quickly over these first two volumes. Because the stake is elsewhere: Aka Akasaka (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) uses this incongruous character to better reveal behind the scenes of the Japanese star system, a veritable buzz and cash machine, which pressures its talents to the point of crushing them. Formatted, conditioned, placed in permanent competition, and under the fire of social networks H24, these teenage artists deprive themselves of everything and above all of a real personal life in the sole hope of grabbing a bit of fame. So fleeting, so futile, but so addictive.

On reality TV sets, in series filming studios, on the boards of a concert hall, this astonishing manga depicts, under cover of a light farce, a gloomy and unstimulating world, who doesn’t value creativity and artistic originality, and who lives only to please brainless fans. With a sober but solid design, this beginning of the series catches, not by its idiotic pitch, but by its effective rhythm and its cold and offbeat tone. To be continued !

[OSHI NO KO] © 2020 by Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari / SHUEISHA Inc.