June 30, 2022

OnlyFans employees would respond to fan messages!

OnlyFans is a predominantly pornographic photo and video subscription service based in London. Recently, rapper Tyga made an official announcement regarding his management and lifestyle and entertainment company Too Raww. In recent months, after launching his own OnlyFans account, Tyga has raised a considerable amount. He then decided to start a modeling agency to help people get started on the platform.

Tyga is not the only celebrity to capitalize on the explosion the platform has experienced in recent months. Amber Rose, Bella Thorne, Chris Brown, Cardi B, Trey Songz, B. Simone, Michael B. Jordan, Rubi Rose and Jordyn Woods have also migrated to the app to offer exclusive features whether to access behind-the-scenes videos. music, movies or even adult content. However, the platform faces serious credibility issues today.


Fans are outraged as OnlyFans employees pose as stars

Apparently, a prominent agency that manages the accounts of the creators of OnlyFans has been accused of using its employees to respond to messages fans sent to models. Fans who thought they were talking to models managed by the Unruly agency would admit fantasies and other private details, but the person on the phone may have been, in fact, an employee of the agency but not the expected person and wanted. There is also an admission from a person working as an account manager at the company who said he was essentially a “professional con artist”.

About Unruly Agency, they manage the accounts of several popular influencers from OnlyFans. However, the statements of the employees show a whole different aspect. According to them, in addition to helping them plan photoshoots and manage posts, they also help models cope with the flood of fans who want to talk to them. They are often willing to pay for this privilege. This is what prompts employees to respond to messages intended for models.

This revelation hits the OnlyFans company hard

Thus, OnlyFans and its employees would have committed a kind of deception. However, the latter is a gray area when it comes to the use of OnlyFans. Some creators also accused the company of posting nudes that were meant to be kept private. Many allegations have been made against the company since this incident, some are true while others are not. How will society manage to overcome this chaos?