January 18, 2022

Noelia lives fully off her sensuality, wears lingerie on video – Marseille News

Noelia lives fully with her beauty, gives a “little gift” to her fans | Instagram

Always on the lookout for her fans, the famous businesswoman and singer, tends to publish content dedicated to her followers, to invite them to be part of Cherryland VIP, her new platform, therefore. Noelia gave them a little video gift of what they will find there.

Some celebrities may not understand that living fully with their beauty and attractive, besides all that it entails being someone extremely flirtatious like Noelia, they couldn’t figure it out, since this beautiful singer is out of the mold.

Whether as a model, businesswoman or singer, she will always attract attention to do everything to her taste and what she wants, especially when she wants to do it.

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In her latest video posted to Instagram, the flirtatious celebrity wears an interior with an animal print and wide straps, at the bottom she is most likely wearing translucent Noelicious stockings.

The design of these reaches the waist maybe a little higher, they are black with shiny details throughout them, with like micro stripes running from side to side.

Noelia lives fully with her beauty, gives her fans a “gift” | Instagram noeliaofficial

What Noelia did to captivate her fans was stretch out a bit in her bedroom between her white sheets, while she moved the camera a bit and showed off her exquisite figure with elegance and grace.


Here I leave you the gift of the weekend… I like to live fully my sensuality and my sexuality… All that does not make me less a singer or a business woman, (that is not understood by the ignorant) Nor how to help them “, commented Noélia.

The performer of “Kiss Me” said something very true, any woman or man can fully experience their senses and will never cease to be a good professional or a good person, unfortunately not everyone understands this.

If people who criticize so much realize how capable and dedicated people Noelia they succeeded, they did not want to comment.

Several of her fans agreed with her and pointed out that she is an exceptional woman and that, like everyone else, she has the right to do what she wants, which this beauty has always done despite some comments. negative, surely on more than one occasion. .. has silent mouths.

It’s been five hours since he shared his video and it’s already close to 30,000 views, so far it has 27,093 and 236 comments.