July 2, 2022

Noelia in video promotes her sexy new 2022 calendar

Noelia between the sons and on video, promotes her 2022 calendar | Instagram

What a way to conquer her fans is the one the flirtatious singer and celebrity has Noelia who knows the taste of his followers perfectly, recently announced that he will be launching a calendar for the year 2022, through one of his most flirtatious videos to date.

Without a doubt before the end of the year Noelia had to close in style, through some very revealing videos, she shared with us the launch of her new 2022 calendar, where you will find unpublished photographs.

A few hours ago she started delighting her followers with videos where we see her wearing her smaller clothesThis consists of a micro pink top that allows us to see a little of its charms.

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As for the lower part, we find a piece that seems to be a wide belt rather than a skirt, passing between its charms a thin band also red in color, the same tone as the outfit she is wearing.

Noelia always surprises with her entrepreneurial and visionary ideas | Instagram noeliaofficial

In one of the videos, she gives us a little information that will surely be of great interest to the gentlemen who admire Noelia, especially since it gives them the possibility of obtaining their calendar more quickly.

This beauty interpreter of “I Touch My Self” and “Kiss Me” is constantly looking for new challenges, surprising her followers who are always fascinated by her beauty and especially her silhouette as it appears in these images. .


Five hours ago he shared one of his videos, the most recent one being 3 hours ago and he appears wearing the same figure as in the others, with a pair of white boots with which he stylizes his legs. .

To start the calendars are already available, she herself shares the league in her account, she has put a link that will take you directly to the page to be able to buy them.

In addition to the calendar containing 14 unpublished photosThis one will bear the singer’s signature and will be personalized according to what is mentioned in the description of the image.

But that’s not all, you will also have other gifts that you might not expect, including a cap and a t-shirt from his own collection.

It is important to mention that Noelia The successful businesswoman clarifies that the calendar is no less than 18 years old, surely it has fairly self-explanatory content.