January 26, 2022

Noelia delights fans wearing neon and transparent stockings – Marseille News

Noelia spoils fans by wearing neon green stockings on video | Instagram

Leaving her charms in sight with her flirtatious and transparent neon low on video, the famous singer and businesswoman Noelia has decided to pamper her beloved fans once again with this striking outfit, the images were recently posted on her official Instagram account.

Noelia He has always stood out in his publications to give priority to his fans, knowing exactly what they like, the famous celebrity and businesswoman, gives himself the luxury of showing off like this pamper your fans despite the many daily activities you have to do.

On more than one occasion, this beauty with beautiful hazel eyes and full lips has been given the task of sharing more than one publication a day on her official Instagram, which her followers would like the most if she did it daily, but not all the time. peut faire.

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It’s only been two hours since the flirtatious images of Noelia standing and adjusting her blouse, which also looks glow-in-the-dark, delighted the student to over 7,000 people who reproduced her video.

Noelia spoils fans by wearing neon green stockings on video | Courtesy

The singer and also owner of Cherryland VIP, her exclusively spicy content platform, stands by the windows of her apartment showing off her pretty figure even though it is already dark.


That is why you can admire her beautiful silhouette highlighted with these clothes and adorned with a beautiful light of colors between pink and purple tones, which give her a unique and flirtatious touch that reminds us of Noelia’s Cabaret, another of her businesses. .

The interpreter of “I Touch My Self” is promoting her latest Cherryland VIP platform, in her description she invites her followers to follow her on her account, surely so that they do not miss the exclusive content that this beauty offers .

More of Noelia’s greatest hits

The singer and businesswoman has excelled in music in addition to business which lists each of her musical and commercial projects would take some time, although she has a song that never goes out of style and continues to be chanted by them. masses we are talking about. ” You “.

Although she continually renews herself in music, singing Noelia’s “You” will always be what her fans will love the most as it tells a beautiful story that no other person could interpret better than she does.

As for her accomplishments as a businesswoman, she already has a long list, and while she’s a bit modest not to show off her successes, these speak for themselves like her two recent Celebriffy platforms. and Cherryland VIP, a work of hundreds of people between technicians. and programmers, who continue to improve the interface.