January 23, 2022

Noelia again on video from her balcony door sexy in black

Noelia from her balcony poses with her pretty black charms | Instagram

Always pretty in each of its publications, the a singer Noelia perfectly appreciated how to show her charms like a professional, that’s what she did with her black interiors in a video.

On more than one occasion we have appreciated the content of the interpreter of “Yo No Fail”, however, this beautiful and flirtatious celebrity always tends to surprise her followers, especially with her videos.

Noelia She has an exquisite figure, which she always maintains in pristine condition through the constant exercise that she performs, for which her fans always thank her, as they can fully admire her beauty.

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This time its video was no exception, it was thanks to this for an hour that his fans began to appreciate the images which surely caused more than a big sigh between them and maybe even something else.

Noelia tends to breathe several sighs just looking at her photos | Instagram

Beautiful day at the beach this winter, Christmas and New Years are approaching… Who’s coming to the New Years party in the city of Miami at Bayfront Park? “, Commented Noelia.

The successful Puerto Rican businesswoman wore black interiors, which showcased her charms and beautiful figure, as well as a pair of leggings from her famous brand Noelicious in white which were actually slightly translucent.


In her video, as we’ve seen more than once before, she poses from her balcony, enjoying the day, maybe ready to go down to the beach and sunbathe on the sand.

Already customary at Noelia’s, she recorded herself, showing off every part of her figure, as only she knows how to do, letting her pretty back charms appear a little while she lowered the camera of her cell phone.

New Years Eve Celebration at Bayfront Park

For the past few weeks, Noelia has been sharing with us some promotional items for her next presentation at Bayfront Park in Miami, to say goodbye to 2021.

The singer will be accompanied by other personalities during the event, promoted by Commissioner Joe Carollo, who, like the businesswoman on her Instagram account, invited the public to the event.

This one will take place on December 31, it will start from 9:00 p.m., in addition to Noelia will also perform: Willie Chirino, Nacho, Gente de Zona and Amaury Gutiérrez, it will surely be a show.