July 6, 2022

Ninel Conde shows off her red bikini posing from the beach

Ninel Conde from the beach wears a sexy red swimsuit | Instagram

Besides being a well-known singer with her hit Bombón, Mexican actress Ninel Conde, despite a lot of work, takes time to enjoy a day at the beach and enjoy a beach sitting.

The ex-companion of José Manuel Figueroa, son of the famous singer Joan Sebastian, has become a little constant with his publications on Instagram, after certain accusations which have been brought to him in particular by her current husband.

Despite the fact that this 2021 has been full of controversy for Ninel Conde, has managed to get ahead and excel thanks to its content on social media.

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In particular this publication that he shared on September 15, we can admire his silhouette posing in the sun, sunbathing a little on the beach.

On this occasion, the interpreter of “Tout avec moi” used a flirty red swimsuit, which by the way is in one piece, although it covers part of her body, her charms stand out as well as her hips.

Ninel Conde is also known as La Bombón | Instagram nine

To highlight her tanned charms, Ninel Herrera Conde, the full name of the singer and actress, decided to use a necklace that curiously got lost among them.

In his description, he asked a question that more than one person thought about it: “Why do the rich make you fat?” “.


Here I am, asking and thinking about eating tacos… I think that the important thing is not to go to extremes, it is to have a balance and that we feel good ”, a declared Ninel Condé.

The singer kept saying that if you were careful about your diet and your body was in good health, you could afford to enjoy tacos every now and then, this is undoubtedly great advice, you won’t. not find?

His photograph was taken in Miami, Florida in the United States, thanks to his success as a celebrity he has the economic ability to travel and enjoy other places.

Maybe the question that Ninel Conde It was a bit rhetorical, despite this one of the netizens decided to give it a slightly more direct answer, so that when other users who saw the comments saw it, they would have been surprised and would also have understood a lot of things.

Answer: Because anything that has more calories, mainly processed sugars or saturated fat, releases more dopamines and therefore does not generate pleasure, ”commented one Internet user.