July 7, 2022

Ninel Conde shares her secret to having a huge hottie

Ninel Condé shares the secret of his famous hottie on video | Instagram

Something that has always struck Ninel Conde fans is her huge charmsIn one video, she shared part of the secret so you can have a “hottie” like hers.

This beautiful and controversial actress has had one of the most complicated years and not precisely because of her career as an actress and singer, it is rather because of her personal life and what has been going through all this year. .

It all started from the beginning of their relationship with Larry Ramos, after their marriage which was also quite a spectacle and a controversy, this beauty did not know peace, until a few days ago so to speak.

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Leaving aside any controversy or scandal in which she was unfortunately involved, she was able to take a little respite and as you know, she did so thanks to her discipline and dedication.

Ninel Condé started his career in 1995 | Instagram nine

We are talking about his practice in the gym, although it has been discovered that he has undergone some cosmetic adjustments. Ninel Conde Like another celebrity who needs to take care of her figure after recovering from any surgery, she has chosen to exercise.

Ninel Conde’s secret to keeping her hottie stable

After you have done a little exercise, it is extremely important to perform certain stretches, so that the muscles relax a bit and you do not feel the discomfort of having aches later.

If you exercise regularly, you will know the importance of stretching your body, legs, arms, torso and more before you start and after you finish your routines.

In a few videos that she shared on Instagram through her stories, she reveals how she relaxes her muscles, thus also remaining relaxed, for many this could be the secret or maybe a part of it, for have a hottie such as Ninel Conde.


Another of the secrets which, while it can be something amazing, is that the clothes you wear have a lot to do with it, the more they conform to your figure and shape it correctly, the better. So, while you are losing weight, you are shaping your figure with exquisite shapes like that of the singer.

In her videos, she appears wearing a pair of red leggings fitted to her hips, as well as a top with wide straps that let some of her upper charms show a little bit.