July 1, 2022

Nathalie Marquay: these unreassuring revelations about the health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Nathalie Marquay has made unexpected revelations about the state of health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The former Miss France expressed her concerns to Didier Raoult in Touche pas à mon poste on C8, Monday January 24.

Nathalie Marquay is worried. The columnist of Do not touch My TV, on C8, questioned the Professor Raoult on the occasion of his appearance on the show. The former Miss France has agreed to lift the veil in full live on the health problems of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Monday, January 24. One “scoop” unexpected on the journalist, who has battled cancer of suffering and is now fighting against lung cancer : “My father and Jean-Pierre had surgery at the same time. My father had shingles and, this will be a great scoop for you, Jean-Pierre, since January, has Sadly has had four mini strokes since he had this vaccine.”

Nathalie Marquay explained that he tried to find out the origin of these sudden and recurring health problems. She says again: “When I’m in the hospital, I tell the doctors it’s still weird, we’ve done all the exams possible to find out where these mini strokes come from and we do not find. I told them ‘Since he had this vaccine, 8 days later, he has been doing this. Is there a connection?’ And they immediately say ‘No, no, no’. But it should be said. It’s like my dad, shingles.”

Nathalie and Jean-Pierre worried about their children

And the confidences of Nathalie Marquay don’t stop there. The columnist of TPMP wondered about the side effects of the vaccine. She revealed that her daughter Lou and they contracted the coronavirus when the third dose was administered. “The day I got vaccinated, the next day I had the Covid, she said again, full of doubts. Same for my daughter. Incredible. I am not against vaccines, I had my three vaccines, we follow like little sheep to continue living. (…) My son Tom took his third dose today and that worries me a little…”

As a reminder, last November, Jean-Pierre Pernaut revealed to havelung cancer, three years after being operated on for prostate cancer.

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