July 1, 2022

Muriel Moreno, half of the Niagara duo: what becomes of the singer?

She was the singer and half of the band Niagara, which broke up 30 years ago. But what happened to Muriel Moreno, who turns 59 on January 24, 2022? Responnse…

Love at the beach, I saw, While the fields are burning, The end of the stars… You are spared the exact accounting of the tubes of the Niagara group. If you are over 40, you have certainly not forgotten this first mixed duo in the history of French variety, long before Vitaa and Slimane, in a completely different genre. No doubt you still dance to the titles of Daniel Chevenez and Muriel Moreno. The latest news was rather sad: the death of their guitarist José Tamarin, in 2019. Five years earlier, Daniel Chevenez had attempted a comeback with a solo album, but without much success, despite Niagara’s considerable contribution to pop-rock. hexagonal. What about Muriel Moreno, who celebrates her 59th birthday on January 24? The Minotaur, the last title of the group released in 1993, was almost a prophecy. The singer has taken refuge in the labyrinth of memories.

Muriel Moreno, to tell the truth, no longer exists. Half of Niagara, more redheaded, more rock and more leathery than Mylène Farmer, another enigma of French song, is reverted to Muriel Laporte. In 2019, our colleagues from Tele-Leisure evoked a retraining in fitness and soft sports, such as yoga and pilates. After training at the Institut des Métiers de la Forme, in 2014, the singer would have decided to apply her knowledge in clubs in the Paris region. On Twitter, last spring, a fan posted a photo of Muriel, blond and short hair, smiling but very different from the vamp she played in the Niagara clips. No need to clutter it with our nostalgia.

The end of Niagara: the separation of a musical duo and a couple who no longer aspire to the same things

Niagara’s demise 30 years ago was not only precipitated by musical disagreements. Muriel Moreno and Daniel Chevenez also formed a couple in the city. After 4 albums and concerts that looked like pagan masses, Muriel can’t take it anymore: fame no longer interests her, she’s physically exhausted, also tired of embodying a fantasy. More than a half, she wants to be a full-fledged human being, with her own passions, her own audacity.

In 1996, emancipated, she released a solo album, the aptly named All alone. The flamboyant redhead has regained her natural chestnut. People don’t recognize her. Muriel then takes distanced himself a little more from show biz, by becoming a DJ. She was no longer an image, her powerful, rocky voice was silent. It is no more than sounds. Photography and directing will be other modes of expression. Until she reincarnated taking care of other people’s bodies. “In the great labyrinth where I sought my life / Flying from fire to flame like a great drunken bird / Among fallen gods and poor friends / I sought vertigo while learning to live (…)”. Yes really, The Minotaur, Niagara’s latest title, said it all…

© BOWEN / BESTIMAGEMuriel Moreno and Daniel Chevenez, in 1986, the year of the release of “Love on the beach”, a cult Niagara title.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE