July 7, 2022

Michel Drucker as a couple: here is the identity of the “love of his life”!

Posted on January 24, 2022, 6:06 PM

When a person is elevated to celebrity status, their life is exposed to the public and therefore becomes everyone’s business. Michel Drucker is no exception. With the 79 years that this radio and television host has, his professional life is not really unknown to the general public.

Regarding the private one, there are still things to learn. This is the case for example of the identity of the one who has the status of partner of the star, because the latter is no longer a heart to take. So here’s what you need to know.

Michel Drucker in a relationship with Dany Saval

The chosen one of the heart of Michel Drucker bears the name of Dany Saval. This 80-year-old woman is not just the journalist’s companion, she is his wife, and has been for years. The couple have actually been married for nearly 50 years. Despite all these years spent together, Michel Drucker’s feelings for his partner have not changed.

He does not fail to reveal it when questions are asked about his love life. This romance, however, did not bear fruit. Concretely, Dany Saval could not give descendants to her husband. However, the latter says he does not need a biological child, because he is well fulfilled by the love of Stéfanie, the daughter of his companion whom he has ended up adopting.

Who is Dany Saval?

Dany Saval is part of the same professional environment as her husband Michel Drucker. Concretely, she made a career in cinema with an acting role in more than 30 films. Before entering the world of the seventh art, Michel Drucker’s wife first proved herself as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge.

Despite her talent, she took the initiative to break with the professional world to devote herself solely to her family life. A few years before this decision, she had already met Michel Drucker. Note, however, that before his union with the host, Dany Saval had already married 3 times.

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