July 1, 2022

Meeting with François Goizé, the favorite photographer for celebrity parties in Paris

We are caught in the middle of a whirlwind such as lack of time, the organizers of the evening who want us in a particular place and sometimes even the entourage of the celebrity who does not always make our job easier. But the main thing is to succeed in making the ideal shot so that you can say to yourself at the end of the evening: “I found the right place, the right angle, the person gave me something”. When these conditions are met, there we are happy;

How do you tame the individuals to be photographed in this kind of event?

The most important thing is the contact with the person: the way in which we approach it and the way in which we are going to put it in place. If people feel like you take care of what you are doing, then that makes it easier. And after a while they start to get to know you and see how you work. It makes it a lot easier. I also try to keep a humorous side in my pictures but people are never devalued. I’m not making fun of them.

Francois Goizé

What event did you particularly enjoy photographing?

The evenings of Carine Roitfeld during his time at Vogue Paris were special. I remember a masked party in a mansion where people let themselves go. There was an exceptional sense of celebration that is difficult to find today.

In fact when there is some kind of freedom, and people have no constraints and are there to enjoy the moment, then these are usually the most fun evenings to photograph.

Who did you prefer to photograph?

There are often nice surprises. Julianne Moore is one of them. He is someone I admire for his work and it is all the more sympathetic when the person is pleasant to photograph. Emma Stone was also a defining moment. It was during a presentation of the LVMH prize where she was the main guest and I had a very pleasant time photographing her, she was very friendly and available. Just like Rihanna, whom I also had the opportunity to capture for a short time.

Last Night on the Town of Paris, de François Goizé (2021).
Available on francoisgoize.com.