July 2, 2022

Matthieu Virfolet, farmer thanks to his grandparents, organizes a transhumance in Mayenne every year

“It’s like a walk on the towpath, as anyone can do on Sunday, except that I do it with my 50 cows“, laughs Matthieu Virfolet. This breeder is a little celebrity in Mayenne. Every year, ihe organizes a transhumance, that is to say, he takes his cows across town.

An economic interest, but also an attraction for the people of Mayenne

The goal: that they can go and graze on fresh grass five kilometers away. Then they stay there for about four months. A real economic interest for the breeder, but an attraction for the Mayenne people. “It’s true that the first time, I was quite surprised at the enthusiasm it took, explains the breeder. I am proud to have made people happy with the passage of my cows. “

A godsend for this 39-year-old enthusiast, who likes to pass on his passion. “It’s really super pleasant, it’s part of my development in my profession as a farmer, decrypts Matthieu Virfolet. It allows me to communicate and I love it. I take great pride in what I do, I believe in making quality products. “

A passion inherited from his grandparents

And agriculture, it’s his whole life. A passion inherited from his grandparents, who were breeders in the south of Mayenne. “I remember Wednesdays, holidays, weekends … I was on their farm all the time. I have a passion for cows, it’s inexplicable. I had that in my blood.”

Cows, a real passion for this 39-year-old breeder. © Radio France
Juliette Mylle

In his office, is always displayed the photo of the first cow he raised alone: Rascal, whom he presents with a big smile. “It creates too much link with agriculture, nature. Besides, I learned to drive on a tractor that I still have today, accompanied by my grandfather … I like it so much that I can hardly see myself doing anything else today “. In any case, this breeder intends, in the years to come, to perpetuate this new tradition of transhumance in Mayenne.