May 13, 2022

Masked Singer Viewers Are Convinced Firework Is The Star Of EastEnders After A Secret Albert Square Clue

Viewers of THE Masked Singer are convinced Firework is an iconic EastEnders star after spotting a clue from Albert Square.

The eight masked celebrities sang together in a single performance on Saturday night – and fans may have cracked the code to Firework’s identity.

Masked Singer Fans Have Spotted A Major Clue Leading To The Identity Of Fireworks1 credit


Viewers of the beloved TV singing show think the star behind the mask is Maisie Smith

Fans have been betting on tonight’s episode, with many claiming this week that Amanda Holden is behind Panda and Chris Kamara is Donuts.

However, a very subtle clue tonight had viewers instantly taking to social media with a whole new guess.

During the introduction to the Firework performance, the camera pans around a decorated room.

He then zoomed in on a square-shaped neon sign that simply read “ALBER” – a potential abbreviation for Albert Square.

Many viewers would have thought nothing of the snap, but nothing gets past eagle-eyed ITV viewers.

Quickly jumping to Twitter, a number of viewers guessed that Maisie Smith – who portrayed Tiffany Butcher – was the celebrity behind the mask.

A confident fan wrote: “The fireworks must be from EastEnders with that clue from Albert Square. »

Echoing their comments, someone else added, “Tiff from EastEnders is fireworks. »

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While a third added: “No idea who Firework is, but I think it’s someone from EastEnders. »

Panelist Jonathan Ross also picked up on the very clue that sent fans into a frenzy – but will it be someone from Walford or not?

The masked singer continues on ITV on Saturday at 7 p.m.


“Tiff from EastEnders is fireworks,” said a viewer1 credit
Will Fireworks be unmasked as EastEnders' Tiffany Butcher?


Will Fireworks be unmasked as EastEnders’ Tiffany Butcher?1 credit