January 26, 2022

Marvel announces Giant-Size X-Men issue dedicated to Thunderbird for April 2022

At the end of some modifications in the system of resurrection of the mutants, the character of Thunderbird (John Proudstar) reappeared only a few days ago in the canon of the House of Ideas after more than thirty-five years after his first official death. Leah Williams will be responsible for reintroducing the hero of the second generation of X-Men in Trial of Magneto #5, available on newsstands this week. Marvel is already capitalizing on the character’s return, with a special issue announced for spring.

Apache Warrior

Created in 1975 as part of the famous number Giant-Size X-Men, who had introduced much of the second team of mutants, John Proudstar was one of the first representatives of the Native American people in the superhero series of his day. Born in Apache territory, endowed with exceptional strength, the character, anxious to correspond to the warlike greatness of his genealogy, will end up sacrificing himself during a confrontation against the Comte Nefaria. Its existence in the universe Marvel lasted a few months, between April and October 1975.

Thunderbird will have been entitled to occasional returns during various events where the doors to the world of the dead will have been opened and then closed (Necrosha, Chaos war), but never to a lasting and proper resurrection. Announced for April 27, 2022, Giant-Size X-Men : Thunderbird #1 promises to be the start of a new adventure, during which the hero returns to the lands of his ancestors to realize the state of disrepair that has arisen since his absence in the Apache reserves. A return to the present at the Captain America, to underline the enormous period of time accumulated since the death of this character, a striking example of the lack of representation of the Natives in the superhero comics in the United States.

As in the case of Werewolf by Night, Marvel went to find a celebrity from this community to help push the project (and compensate for a lack of comparable representation among the staff of comic book publishers), the wrestler Nyla Rose, supported by the handy scriptwriter Steve Orlando and the artist David Cutler, also a member of the first peoples. He was also responsible for inventing a new costume, while Ken Lashley delivers the first cover.

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