May 24, 2022

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: who is her famous half-brother Maxime Lacarrau?

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is not the only star of the family. The TF1 13-hour news reporter also has a 37-year-old half-brother, Maxime Lacarrau, who is also a celebrity in his field.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is currently on sick leave. A long absence at the controls of TF1’s 13-hour newscast which began on January 3. Suffering from a “eye problem“benign as she had revealed on Twitter, the 46-year-old journalist rest away from the cameras. A moment when she notably been able to follow more closely the activities of his half-brother.

The one who succeeded Jean-Pierre Pernaut is very close to Maxime Lacarrau, born of his father’s second marriage. Despite their closeness, he does not evolve in the media and preferred to follow another very different path. “Maxime is a fan of rally-raid, she revealed to Gala in 2020. It was our father who transmitted this passion to us when we were young. We went on raids in 4x4s in the desert, we slept under the stars. It was fabulous. And my brother became a pilot, he did the Dakar last year and there he is preparing for this year’s edition in Saudi Arabia. He wants me as a co-pilot… Impossible for the moment”.

A rally ace

Maxime Lacarrau took part in this last edition of the Dakar rally, which ended on January 14th. In the company of his sidekick Frédéric Bcart, the 37-year-old driver managed to cross the finish line in 64th position in the overall category “auto“. A very honorable place after a real obstacle course for the youngest of the star of 13 hours of TF1 who returned to Paris on January 15th.

On his Facebook account, Maxime Lacarrau has also traced day by day all his adventure in the Dakar 2022 rally where he experienced moments of doubts and difficulties crossing huge sand dunes during very trying stages. A journey that makes his partner and their two daughters proud, but also his big sister Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.