January 24, 2022

Lord, we felt depressed and old after watching Hype House

They are famous, millionaires, and live together in a dream home with one goal: to make TikTok videos. Hype House films the daily life of the most followed young people on the planet, and it is… depressing as possible.

This morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what my grandfather was doing there.

Yes, a hangover is not without consequences – gastric, it goes without saying, but also physical.

This morning, as I said, and after an evening too rich in Belgian beers, I had the impression of living in the body of a 104-year-old person, with my dark circles the size of Brazil and my umbrella as a of a walker.

But not as old as looking The Hype House.

Netflix films Hype House, the collective of American tiktokers

A priori, their life makes you dream.

These Americans, mostly barely out of their teens, have millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, millions of dollars in their accounts, luxury cars hoarded in their parking lot, overpriced clothes, a villa worthy of the biggest mobs of the Mafia and especially a slide in their swimming pool.

Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Larray and a few other influential Internet personalities lead this life of pomp together, locked in a house in which they must create.

So, from morning to night, these Americans who have up to 30 million subscribers film themselves working out choreographies, doing somersaults in the pool or risking their lives by dint of stunts in a simulacrum of Jackass, an iconic 2000s television show that aired on MTV.

Thomas Petrou, co-creator of the collective, encourages his foals – including his own girlfriend – to post, post, post and always post, to keep their popularity boat afloat and satisfy the TikTok algorithm, which puts above all forward those who produce continuously.

If the trailer for The Hype House suggests an extraordinary life for these young adults, the entire program portrays a reality ultimately hollow and sad to die for, which left us speechless.

Hype House, the not-so-exciting reality of everyday tiktokers

Lord, how depressed and old we felt after watching Hype House

Already because the videos made by the influencers are mostly choreographies and lip sync of average quality – which invites us to question the reason for the success of these young adults and generally makes watching the program very tedious.

Then and above all because the over-exposure of these entrepreneurs, because this in fact ends up being their job, makes them very vulnerable, even downright depressed.

Chase Hudson, for example (known as Lil Huddy on the networks), notably decided to leave the Hype House to live alone in Los Angeles. In his palace with a very rococo Dracula 2022 atmosphere, Chase lives alone, has not posted TikTok for 6 months and lives with an apathetic air.

Which earned him the dislike of Thomas, co-founder of the collective, who counted on him to produce content and help the group stay afloat thanks to its extraordinary success (32 million subscribers on Tik Tok).

A bit overwhelmed by his fame and the astronomical amounts of money he has in his pockets, Chase actually dreams of only one thing: leave the networks a little to concentrate on his real passion, music.

But his subscribers, as well as Thomas, ask something else of him. An omnipresence. Content. No matter the cost.

LILHUDDY - Partycrasher (Official Music Video)

Judging by his loneliness, his perpetually weary air and his bickering with his dearest friends, it is not disconcerting to wonder if this over-exposure has not affected the mental health of the 19-year-old young man.

In addition, his ex-boyfriend, Charli D’Amelio, a recurring character in the docu-series, who is incidentally the most followed personality with 80 million followers, also seems lost in the labyrinth of her high-profile life, and speaks only half-words in front of the camera. She looks very shy and uncomfortable. Astonishing for a young woman who earns a living by filming herself …

Yes but here it is, Charli is 17 years old.

The two former lovers open up face-to-face on the havoc that the Internet has caused on their relationship. Their separation, relayed on TV sets and in the web media of the world, made such headlines that it had a real impact on the mental state of the two young people.

The collective’s house then looks surprisingly like a safe place where these young people, staying among themselves, protect themselves from an outside world that nags them.

But there again – especially there, moreover, in this autarky which resembles a purgatory, the cameras are legion… And it is the snake which bites its tail.

Hype House, demotivated influencers

It would be very easy to judge these teenagers and young adults who are doing a lot of digging by simply being themselves online, and dancing (badly).

In reality, all as much as they are, the members of the collective are entrepreneurs, who lead their careers with the baton.

Their fame, whether considered justified or not, is their livelihood, and they know it.

Lord, how depressed and old we felt after watching Hype House

Which doesn’t mean that they all take great pleasure in just “being famous.” On the contrary, almost all of them end up dragging their feet; even Charli D’amelio, whom the whole Earth is crazy about, often wants to abandon the networks.

In a sequence of episode 2, one of the members of the collective asks her moreover if she has done her homework well. She shakes her head no. She then asks him if she has posted her content for the day on the networks. Again, same answer.

Here lies the sad truth: all these young people breathe if not cynicism, at least full-blown disillusion.

They drag their blasé look all day long from one end of a disgusting kitchen to the other, in their pajamas, and have their suspenders pulled up by a Thomas who is tired of telling his flock that they are there to produce, not to mope.

Finally, even the biggest influencers of the program seem demotivated by the stakes ofa job that no longer seems to bring them any satisfaction other than money. And even.

Some, however, are doing better.

Nikita Dragun, the most interesting personality of Hype House

Nikita Dragun is a 25-year-old trans woman born in Belgium, and a hard worker.

In addition to her dance and make-up videos on the networks, she is a seasoned entrepreneur who launched her own cosmetics brand because she could not find any product that matched her on the shelves of major retailers.

To meet the specific make-up needs of trans people, Nikita launched Dragun Beauty, which she herself promotes.

Always there to support Chase, Nikita is the show’s most endearing personality, dropping pun on pun and dazzling with her ultra-sought-after looks.

She is the one that saves the program from total boredom, and I admit having sped up the episodes from time to time to watch only her sequences!

As for the rest, it’s basically depressing, no doubt mirroring what these influencers are going through, and left me with an awkward feeling in my chest.

Already because by going to consult all the TikTok of the members of the Hype House, I felt disconnected from the world, a world where everything is going at lightning speed — dance steps like scrolling videos — and in which I don’t am more than an old woman.

And it’s terrible to feel like you’re not even 30 years old.

If you are curious, Hype House is on Netflix

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