January 29, 2022

Livia Brito in a modest neutral look wastes great intelligence

Livia Brito, flirtatious and intellectual, goes crazy with the beige look | Instagram

Livia Brito, reappeared in a instantaneous in which he appears with glasses and a neutral look with brown and white, with which he launched a very particular survey among his followers.

The actress Of Cuban origin, Livia Brito reappears in a photo on Instagram where she wears glasses and an outfit in more sober colors very in line with the winter season.

So next to a shelf of several books, Livia Brito, is shown in the eyes of a diligent student.

The one with glasses the old-fashioned, the boring, the intellectual. Whoever prefers a library to a nightclub … Could it be that if #bebesdeluz, you guys like it better? I think I preferred the Disco #liviabrito #look #intellectual #biblioteca, read in the description that accompanies the image of the famous 35 years old.

Livia Brito, flirtatious and intellectual, goes crazy with a beige look. Photo: Instagram capture

The famous Instagram celebrity and ” reine de tik tok“He was immediately the target of comments and reactions from his large number of followers, who are now 6.7 million.

“Successor, The beige power ranger Bebeeee, How beautiful it is with your glasses, Hello beautiful and beautiful lady, Good Sunday I wish you a beautiful night and a rain of blessings, hi, Belle, so it’s a pleasure to hold the books, You are a monument of a baby woman of light, beautiful night that you rest kisses, Divine, Beautiful, As you are beautiful, I love you, Beautiful, PRETTY, beautiful, beautiful, darling, beautiful woman » .

This can be read in some of the reactions Livia Brito Pestana fans left in the shared post 18 hours ago and in which she racked up 124,827 likes.

The acclaimed protagonist of ” The soulless“Is captured in three photographs in which she appears very happy with a book in her hand.

The interpreter of “Fernanda Linares” as well as other successful characters like “Yolanda Cadena Lesmes” in ” The pilot“(2017-2018) among other characters.

The member of Televisa, who will also collaborate on other projects such as ” Abyss of Pas!“(2012),” Je t’aime je t’aime “(2013-2014)” An Italian woman is getting married “(2014-2015),” Doctors: Life line “, among many others, was distinguished by its faithful hobbies to a healthy lifestyle.

The presenter of ” Dance for a dream“, Who has also distinguished himself for venturing into cinema, with projects such as” La Dictadura Perfecta “, as well as plays such as” El Postero “, documented his training routines alongside his personal instructor and sentimental partner, Mariano Martínez.