May 22, 2022

Linux and Cortex – Could Satoshi Nakamoto be this open-source celebrity?

Say Cortex, what do you want to do tonight? – What if Linus Torvalds, inventor of Linux and computer genius already dominated the world, without our knowing it?

I am Satoshi

A simple sentence. 3 words. Slipped into a line of code in the core Linux while waiting for someone to spot it.

The modification made by the “father” of Linux was pushed on January 22, 2022 and detected very quickly by free software fans on the developers’ Git.

Linus claims to be the creator of Bitcoin

The rumor is not new to the crypto ecosystem and the world of Linux. Many have believed for years that the creator of the famous free software is the same person as the creator of the Bitcoin.

The legend says that Satoshi would have been inspired by the functioning of Git to model that of his blockchain. And the inventor of Git is none other than Linus Torvalds!

Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds

It does not take more for the net to ignite and that the link is established between the two characters.

Linus, whose fortune is estimated at more than $150 million launched Linux at only 21 years old. This kernel coded to be able to do without Windows will become the largest open source project in history.

If he really is the inventor of Bitcoin, his fortune would suddenly rise to more than $45 billion. Enough to turn some heads and live a life in the sun for several generations.

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Tell me, Linus, do you think what I think?

If you answered ” I think so, Cortex, but how are we going to fit a turkey and a camel into a coffee pot?” , well done ! But that was not the expected answer!

The real answer might be: Yes ! But what would be the point of revealing Satoshi’s identity today?«

The question is quickly answered, there really isn’t. Linus does not need that to live, and the legend around the creator of Bitcoin contributes to his success.

So come and announce more than 13 years after the creation of the first block that he would be the inventor of the first blockchain in history doesn’t really make sense.

After his disappearance from the digital landscape, studies were carried out to try to understand who Satoshi was. On his profile he declared to be a 40 year old japanese.

But in March 2014 a journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, announces that he has found his trace. And according to her, he is rather American of Japanese origin and would have 64 years old.

This thesis was very quickly dismantled by English linguists who carried out a study on the various writings of Satoshi. And for them the inventor of Bitcoin would be neither Japanese nor American, but British ! Now, Linus is…. Finnish.

Iconic figure of Satochi Nakamoto
Statue de Satoshi Nakamoto – Budapest

Who is right ? Is Linus’ message a real one confession ? Or did the famous Linux creator just want to have fun and create a little buzz in his community?

Could it be both at the same time? after all nothing proves that Satoshi was only one and the same person. Linus may have been part of a small team of developers who would hide behind the creation of the Bitcoin.

Maybe we’ll never get a real answer and the person(s) behind Satoshi Nakamoto will stay forever. anonymous. But even if it’s exhilarating not to know who is behind the world’s first cryptocurrency, let’s keep an eye on Linus! Maybe he’s really trying, night after night, to conquer the WORLD!

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