January 26, 2022

Kimberly Loaiza Video Sharing Her Exercise Routine

Kimberly Loaiza Shares Her Gym Workout Routine | Instagram

The Biggest Cuteness has decided to share with her fans or her beauties as she affectionately tells them, part of her new Exercise program To maintain a perfect figure, despite the fact that Kimberly Loaiza has undergone some adjustments, it is important to improve the constant exercise.

As you will remember after giving birth to her second son Juanito Pantoja Loaiza, the famous internet celebrity Kimberly LoaïzaShe decided to undergo some alterations to her figure, the results of which are impressive today.

However, although you already have a beautiful figure, it is necessary to do constant exercise to maintain it, these are obviously the recommendations of the doctors, because not having movement would prevent your body from having the beautiful shape that the doctors have left you.

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It was through two videos On his Instagram account, the ones he shared through his stories where we could only see a little art of his routine, which included stretches to relax his muscles and a few lifts with weights.

Kimberly Loaiza Maintains Her Exquisite Figure Through Exercise | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

First video We see the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja lying on a blue silicone mat, so as not to touch the ground which was perhaps dirty, next to her was a person responsible for helping her with these exercises.

These were that when lying on his stomach he would turn his hips a bit to stretch that part of his body while he had his leg bent, it seems a bit complicated, but in reality it is enough. simple and extremely relaxing once it’s done.


In the second video we see Kimberly Loaïza performer of “Ya No Somos” using a device with which he lifts a little weight while stretching one of his legs and recharging himself a little with the other.

The amazing thing about this second video is that it starts from behind, so the later charming charms of La Lindura Mayor can be perfectly appreciated, whoever recorded the video little by little moves to show a bit of the routine and which was why it was difficult for the singer to interpret it.

What you might notice once his beautiful face is fully visible, that besides being a little sweaty and tired, he was making garter belt faces in pain, but that’s something he did. he will surely appreciate later when he sees the results.