June 30, 2022

Kimberly Loaiza says she will stop uploading videos to Tik Tok

Kimberly Loaiza Says She Will Stop Uploading Videos To Tik Tok | Instagram

The Mayor of La Lindura shared news that several of his fans left them a little sad, because Kimberly Loaiza made a strong decision, she will stop sharing videos on Tiktok.

This decision which will stop sharing videos in the app where he has more than 57 million followers, this is something that several of his beauties have suffered a lot, especially due to the fact that the year is approaching the end of the year.

If you are a fan of Kimberly Loaïza the famous internet celebrity, don’t worry because although he said this decision has been made, it will only be during this last week of the year.

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It is the interpreter of “Mejor Sola” and “No Seas Celoso” who will return with all the attitude for 2022, as indicated by his description of the video.

Surely the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja you want to make the most of these days with your family, as happens with various internet personalities continually communicating to their fans what they are doing and not doing.

Kimberly Loaiza conquers her fans with all her publications, especially on Tik Tok | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

Of course, before she quit sharing content, this flirtatious businesswoman left a few videos that her cuteness can appreciate, so they don’t miss her these days, although one more thing that can happen is is that she gives us drafts of Tik Tok again.

This is what she had already done when she gave birth to her second son Juanito Pantoja Loaiza and later when she made her fantastic aesthetic arrangements, although her fans were already a little eager to see new content. what they saw as they liked it.


In the pictures we see Kimberly Loaïza dressed in a phosphorescent green two-piece set, consisting of a small skirt that shows her shapely legs, as well as a tank top.

I don’t think I will upload any videos until next year, I will miss them, ”Kimberly Loaiza commented.

The song he danced to in this video was by Rod Steward called “Da Ya Think I’m S3xy!” His fans immediately started commenting on his sad video because they didn’t want him to stop uploading videos.

Calm down my beauties, let’s use these days to have some amazing family time because time will never return, ”Kim wrote in one of the comments.

Even though it will only be a few days since this beauty will be on Tik Tok, her fans are already missing her, she certainly makes their day with her videos.