January 26, 2022

Kim Kardashian summed up her entire year 2021 with several photos

Kim Kardashian summed up her entire year 2021 with several photos | Instagram

For famous American businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian, this 2021 practically done, so he decided to share some sort of summary of the year using a few photographs to reference their various activities for the year.

As you know Kim Kardashian who is a millionaire celebrity has been involved in several controversies and scandals, mainly for his membership of the Kardashian Jenner clan, which constantly arouses the curiosity of his millions of followers.

In this affectionate post shared photos on his official Instagram account, it is indeed the most recent, only six hours ago that his fans started to appreciate the content.

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Not a day has passed yet and it already has over 1,800,000 Red Hearts, and we also found 7,241 comments.

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian has had a pretty busy year | PA

Khloé Kardashian’s older sister took the opportunity to talk about all the positive things that have happened to her throughout these months, although she has also limited herself to certain activities and has not brought up or referred to her divorce with Kanye West and also does not appear Pete Davidson.

The first thing that we see on the cover of the publication is an outfit from SKIMS, remember that they launched a line of satin pajamas which became extremely popular, so much so that they continued to launch other models.

In the second picture we see her asleep in an armchair, next to a table with several sheets, notepads and of course her cell phone, she was surely taking a break from her hard work as seen in some contract files and others.

Again, we not only admire her good looks, but also the impressive closet that she has, perhaps with that she was referring to her social life, which was never affected despite their separation.

The same happens with the following photo where I was resting in a comfortable armchair again, and on one side we saw a beautiful Hermès brand bag in light brown.

Despite her constant work and some controversy that probably discouraged her at the time, exercising will have helped her a lot as you can see in the following image.


The flirtatious businesswoman also shared a photo where she appears in a photoshoot, surely the selection of photos from Kim Kardashian for social media posting or any media promotion.

In the last four photos, we find her in various outfits, some more casual and others full of glamor, ready to continue her busy social life.