July 1, 2022

Kevin Dias: who is the interpreter of Benoît, the unsuspected hunk in the second season of Emily in Paris “?

Exit Lucas Bravo! Kevin Dias, 30, is the new “made in France” bogosse for the second season ofEmily in Paris. He interprets Benoît, a charming and talented musician who finds himself affinities with Mindy (Ashley Park), Emily’s BFF. An actor that you must have already met somewhere.

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Kevin Dias starred in the fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

After a few ads when he was a kid, Kevin (born Fernandes) saw his acting career take off in 2001: he was not 10 years old, and he landed one of the main roles in the miniseries The Uprooted before we do sees it in one of the episodes of Josephine, guardian angel. But above all, that year, he lends his features to the character of Dominique Bretodeau (Maurice Bénichou) as a child in the fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain, the Cult movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet: It was a great experience. And that’s what gave me a taste for cinema and series. It was kind of the trigger for everything for me “, he told Allociné. Then, a health problem forced him to put his acting career on hold.

Kevin Dias did reality TV

In 2011 he participated in Square ViiiP on TF1. That is to say the cohabitation between 8 candidates of the French reality TV, the “Viiip”, and eight anonymous claiming to the celebrity, the “Wannaviiip “, of which Kevin was a part. The show flopped so badly that it was canceled just two weeks after its launch. Still enough time for Kevin to fall under the spell ofAurelie Dotremont

Kevin Dias is a mainstay of Sam

In 2014, he returned to the trays. And TF1. He stars in an episode of Clem before joining shortly after the casting of Sam in which he plays Alex, the eldest son of the heroine (played by Mathilde Seigner then Natasha Lindinger). The adventure has been going on since 2016.

Kevin Dias is an artist

In 2020, he unveiled “Milaniz” whose idea is to (re) give life to Renaissance masterpieces while breaking with its traditional codes by repainting them on canvas and illuminating them with a message. hyper-contemporary in neon.

Kevin Dias is pope

He is the father of a little boy, Milo, his “greatest achievement”, born in 2019 from his relationship with the French model Margot Milani. His son also plays alongside him in a short film co-directed with Farradj Touahri and entitled The Role of My Life.


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