January 23, 2022

Keith Lemon will no longer make crass celebrity juice jokes

Keith Lemon insisted he was no longer “the baddest man on TV” and said he started to tone down the crass nature of his hit show ITV2, Celebrity juice.

Ongoing since 2008, Celebrity juice has been on British television for over a decade, and the cheeky Leigh Francis character has gained notoriety for his crass comedy throughout its airing.

The show still goes on, with the introduction of Lemon and current Captains Emily Atack and Laura Whitmore, but speaking out on Hello Great Britain this week, the comedian said his vulgar days were over thanks to his wife and children.

Lemon explained, “The meanest man in the TV title? I don’t like it now if I’m being honest. “

Celebrity Juice has aired on ITV since 2008. Credit: ITV

Going on to explain how he has changed over time, Lemon said, “I loved him because I was young and nervous, but now I’m old and tired. “

“I am a little purer now because I have children. Children watch Celebrity juice now I have that in mind. “

For a while, it seemed like the more outrageous Lemon got, the more popular the series would become. Initially set up as a panel to see what his guests knew about the tabloid stories of the week, it quickly became a back-and-forth game between Lemon and the guests as his antics grew more and more crazy.

Who can forget the days when Gino D’Campo was forced to eat “poo” and drink “urine” in a challenge that saw him blindfolded with a big transparent tube stuck in his mouth?

This prompted one viewer to write on Twitter, “Eurgh. No. Sorry. Celebrity Juice has gone too far. I can’t watch the poo being forced to drop someone. “

The show was very successful for Keith Lemon. Credit: Alamy
The show was very successful for Keith Lemon. Credit: Alamy

Or how about the days when former Captain Holly Willoughby had to answer the three things she “would like to put on her butt?”

The answer, if you want to know, was ” [Lemon’s] k ** b, an anal plug and a carrot. “

Lemon said of his show, “The nastier it was, the more successful it was. ”

But it is obvious that this era is drawing to a close: “When I used a curse, the audience would go crazy. I never use a script, I just say what I think. Now it’s less swearing. “

Lemon went on to adore his wife on MailOnline – the couple are now parents to daughters Matilda and Dolly, who are very much kept out of the public eye.

Speaking about his wife Jill Carter, Lemon said, “When everybody meets her they say ‘he knocks'”.

It’s something he said he was okay with, commenting, “Why would I want to date someone who looks like me? Everyone should hit above their weight when they are dating! “

The couple have been married for 19 years and the comedian previously called Jill his “rock” that he “loves more every day”.

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