July 7, 2022

Julia Fox accused of taking advantage of Kanye West’s fame, she responds

While she is accused of taking advantage of the status of Kanye West with whom she has recently been dating, Julia Fox wanted to respond to criticism…

The year 2022 began with the birth of a new star-couple made up of Julia Fox and Kanye West. If they have been dating for less than a month, the 2 lovers have never left each other, to the point of having even been seen, for their 1st official outing, at the 1st fashion show by Nigo for Kenzo, in Paris, on January 23. The 31-year-old actress also returned to her relationship with Ye in the podcast Forbidden Fruits, and in particular the criticisms she received, some believing that she got together with the artist out of opportunism. Thus, she explains herself, assuming her taste for rich men: It’s funny because I get all this attention, but I really don’t care. People say things like “Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the status, you’re in it for the money.” Honey, I’ve been dating billionaires all my adult life, let’s keep it real” !!!

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A serious story?

Julia Fox admits in the rest of her interview that she had, during her youth, a need for attention, for recognition: When I was younger, I was constantly looking for attention. I was ready to stand on a bar so all eyes were on me. When I went to a concert, I had to go on stage. I had to bring every situation to me”. She then confided that she had done work on herself as she grew older, explaining that she no longer needed this constant light on her. “Now I really don’t care”. This isn’t the first time Julia Fox has spoken out about her relationship with Yeezus. Only one week after the start of their story, she spoke in the columns ofInterview Magazine : “I met Ye in Miami on New Years Eve and the connection was immediate. His energy is so pleasant to live with. He made us laugh, dance and smile all night long, me and my friends. […] Everything between us was organic. I don’t know where things will go but if it’s any indication of the future I love the journey”.

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Julia Fox, a 2.0 version of Kim?

Julia Fox has also been talked about during their short stay in the City of Light, and this for her clothes. Along with her $785 Rick Owens dress and black leather coat, the 31-year-old actress appeared to be wearing the same silver Balenciaga ($1,150) boots worn by the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, in 2016 , to attend the Kanye West concert at Madison Square Garden, in New York. This is not the first time that the star ofUncut Gems is getting ready in Balenciaga – favorite brand of Ye and Kim Kardashian – since she was dressed in pieces from the famous French haute couture house during her first 2 appointments with the artist. In addition, Julia Fox has also, over the years, shown that she really appreciates the style of the ex-girlfriend of Yeezus, since she dressed identically on many occasions.. During these few days in Paris, the couple in any case made a strong impression with remarkable and always matching outfits, ranging from jeans to leather (from the universe Matrix).

Style similarity between Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian:

Julia Fox and Kanye West in Paris: