July 2, 2022

John Kavanagh reveals regrets Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds and remains ‘obsessed’ with Brazilian

John Kavanagh admits he’s still “obsessed” with Jose Aldo and “regrets” how Conor McGregor’s 13-second knockout at UFC 194 went.

The Brazilian is undoubtedly one of the greatest featherweights in UFC history, having enjoyed huge early success at the WEC.

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McGregor shocked the world in 13 seconds against Aldo to become UFC featherweight champion

However, his undefeated ten-year reign atop the pound-for-pound list and as the 145-pound division champion came to an end when McGregor met him in 2015.

“The Notorious” systematically destroyed Aldo over the course of nearly two years with his relentless psychological warfare and verbal attacks annoying the champion and causing him to charge.

McGregor, then at the height of his powers, simply threw a left counter-hook while backing up to knock Aldo out in just 13 seconds and propel himself to stardom.

Although he initially struggled to cope with defeat, Aldo is now ranked third in the bantamweight charts and reinvented himself at the age of 35 – much to Kavanagh’s satisfaction.

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John Kavanagh took Conor McGregor to the top

He told MMA Fighting, “I’m sure I talked about it a lot back then, but coming back I was a huge fan of WEC.

“And if you’re a WEC fan, you’re obsessed with Aldo. Exactly like he – he was the first one I really saw, a hitting based MMA guy who just broke grapplers.

“So I was trying to learn a lot from what he did. And even going back further than that, his incredible coach ‘Dede’ [Andre Pederneiras], I watched it in the days of pride.

Kavanagh added: “So there was no one who was a bigger fan of this team, and Aldo in particular, than me.

Kavanagh's reaction to McGregor's 13-second knockout says it all


Kavanagh’s reaction to McGregor’s 13-second knockout says it all

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“And before that [UFC 194] fight, I spent many sleepless nights watching those leg kicks and ground defense, speed, technique and experience.

“And I kinda regretted the way the fight went, because I would have loved to see the clash of styles and even more exchanges. “