January 29, 2022

Jennifer Lopez without her bra wears only a shirt and boots – Marseille News

Jennifer Lopez only wears ankle boots with an open white blouse | PA

Something that has always characterized Ben Affleck’s current girlfriend is her brand new dress style, Jennifer Lopez is not known for anything as the Diva of the Bronx, she appeared in a photo with a open white shirt and a pair of slippers.

For the beautiful 52-year-old music and film celebrity, showing off her perfect figure hasn’t been a problem for her over the years, Jennifer Lopez He kept exercising and improving his characteristic curves.

Any excuse to show off her beauty is still valid, besides the fact that her more than 184 million followers are fascinated to see her continuously, this time it seems that she was in a photo shoot, because it is not n ‘ any photo.

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It’s worth mentioning that for JLo any photograph she appears in should always be perfect, as should everything around her, not only at work but also at home, the few times she has shared content where her mansion appears it looks perfect and flawless.

Jennifer Lopez only wears ankle boots with an open white blouse | .

It seems that the interpreter of “On The Floor” with Pitbull, despite her impeccable outfit, which she was actually promoting the beautiful pair of ankle boots that I was wearing.

The design of these shoes has an animal print in beige, they have a thin heel and end with a pointed toe, without a platform so they make them quite flirtatious, the height is a little above their ankles.

Jennifer Lopez She was sitting on a red step and her arms were resting precisely on her bed with white sheets a little loose; Her beautiful hair was a bit short and frizzy, which made her look menacing and flirtatious.


In addition to this flirtatious photo, a second was also shared in the same post, in the next one she wears a more casual outfit with white tennis shoes, she is wearing jeans, a white tank top and a white embroidered cardigan with black details, her hair is the same as the first picture.

It was September 1, 2020 when she shared this post, surely you already know that the businesswoman, singer and model has a line of shoes and clothing that is distributed in some stores in Mexico, surely in the United States. United we will find them too.