May 26, 2022

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: why the couple’s reunion is so passionate

  • Par Alex Taylor
  • Reporter BBC Entertainment

Photo credit, Getty Images

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck vacationed together, as a couple reunited again.

Looking at photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck entwined on a yacht, it feels like you can blink your eyes and think you’ve stepped back into the heady days of 2002.

One of the (many) images released in recent days shows the couple reproducing steamy scenes from the clip for Jenny from the Block, in which Jennifer Lopez gets her butt fondly stroked by her then-fiancé – and partner today. found.

The photos, first posted on celebrity news site TMZ last week, quickly flooded social media with a dose of nostalgia and intrigue as people scrambled to check their calendars.

But the most observant viewers could also see an on-board photographer capture the moment the couple kissed on the deck of their yacht.