July 4, 2022

Jacob Blake says Kyle Rittenhouse would be jailed if he was black

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Jacob Blake says race is absolutely at stake in Kyle Rittenhouse‘s lawsuit, arguing… if the guy wasn’t white he would most likely be thrown in jail without a second thought.

The man whose shooting involving police sparked the Kenosha protests where Rittenhouse opened fire spoke to TMZ about the case – and like many trial observers, he believes the 18-year-old is about to skate due to white privilege.

We’ll let JB speak for himself here, but the bottom line is… if Rittenhouse was a POC, he would quickly be found guilty and not be hailed as a hero.

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25/08/2020 @BGonthescene

As to why Blake thinks race is a factor – he points to the now infamous photo of Rittenhouse pose with guys in a bar after posting a bond, and showing what many saw as a sign of white supremacy.

You have to watch how he characterizes this because he doesn’t characterize Rittenhouse as good or bad, but rather someone who had nothing to do with fitting into the Kenosha protests.

According to Jacob, all of the aftermath that followed his shooting – the Kyle saga, as well as the destruction in Kenosha – are an unfortunate by-product of what he sees as the larger and unresolved issues between the police and the POC. .

Whatever the jury’s verdict for Rittenhouse … Jacob says he hopes people refrain from further riots.

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One more thing… Jacob has given us an update on how he’s doing personally, with his health, and otherwise. Looks like he’s getting some unsolicited attention and fame, but in reality he says he doesn’t want to be the star kid about it all.

Also … he says he forgives the officer Rusty sheskey for shoot him 7 times – and does not harbor any grudges towards him or his family.