May 25, 2022

“it hurts too much in my heart”

Covid-19 has once again struck a celebrity in French television. Rofrane Bambara, candidate for the “Large families: life in XXL” program has tested positive for the coronavirus. A virus that forces her to stay away from her family.

Rofane is in shock. Indeed, she was diagnosed positive for the coronavirus. On her Instagram account, the quadruplet mom made a sad announcement to her fans. Even though she is upset because of her condition, staying away from her children hurts her heart.


Several weeks ago, Rofane, the mother of the Bambara tribe, launched a rant on the Web, in particular on the obligation of vaccines in France.

While she had seen her access refused in a shopping center in her city because of her failure to be vaccinated, and not to have the health pass, the mother, ulcerated, stormed her favorite social network to express his fed up.

Even if she apologized a few hours later for her misinformation conveyed, in particular for the health pass requested in a shopping center, the mother of the quadruplets had declared that she did not want to be vaccinated. A personal choice that caught up with him.

Screenshot | Photo: instagram / mumofquad


On Thursday, August 5, 2021, the pretty brunette shared a sad news on her Instagram account. Indeed, Rofane has tested positive for the coronavirus. On her story, the pretty brunette revealed that she was very tired.

In a photo she shared where she can be seen sitting by a pool with her feet in the water, the tribe’s mom is not as radiant as she lets her appear, as she is isolated , and this far from his family.

“I am too disgusted for the children. It hurts too much my heart not to be with them”,

Screenshot | Photo: instagram / mumofquad

Screenshot | Photo: instagram / mumofquad

she revealed sadly on her Instagram account.

Very close to her subscribers, she also told them that she had trouble breathing, but also that she suffered from headaches and incessant aches.


Ulcerated, shocked, Rofane Bambara, the candidate of the TF1 program had expressed her fed up with the vaccine obligation in France. On her Instagram account, the mother of quadruplets had been clear on its position facing the vaccine. Find out which one.