January 29, 2022

Inside how CTE was blamed for murder and rape by NFL stars as Phillip Adams was found to have a brain injury when he shot 6

FOLLOWING revelations that former 49ers defensive back Phillip Adams struggled with CTE before his murderous rampage, the horrific condition is back in the news for its frequent links to violent crime.

Often associated with pro athletes, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a disease caused by repeated blows to the head.

Aaron Hernandez’s brain scans show horrific case of CTECredit: Dr. Ann McKee, BU

The disease is caused by repeated head trauma, can trigger violent behavior and paranoia, and has been blamed for a series of horrific crimes by Phillip Adams, Kellen Winslow, Aaron Hernandez, and even OJ Simpson.

In 2017, scientists at Boston University studied the brains of 111 deceased NFL players and found evidence of the disease in 110 of those samples.

Christopher Nowinski, a former professional wrestler who co-founded Boston University’s CTE Center, said research suggests that at least 50% of NFL footballers have a CTE.

He said: “Our 2017 study of NFL brains donated from 2008 to 2015 – we had 99% of those brains with CTE.

“Those brains came from almost 10% of the NFL players who died during that time.

“There is an interesting analysis based on this data which shows that the prevalence of CTE among NFL players is very unlikely to be less than 50%,” Nowinski said.

Phillip Adams reportedly suffered “exceptionally severe” CTECredit: Getty


Defensive back Adams, who previously played for the 49ers, committed suicide after shooting Dr Robert Lesslie, his wife, their two young grandchildren and two workers who were on the property.

The York County Coroner’s Office said the 70-year-old doctor and his wife Barbara Lesslie, 69, were pronounced dead at the scene, along with their grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5 years.

The fifth and sixth victims, James Lewis, 38, and Robert Shook, 38, also died after being shot. They were said to have been working at home when the attack took place.

The York County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Adams committed suicide in a bedroom in his parents’ house after the massacre.


An autopsy and further investigation revealed Adams suffered from stage 2 CTE which was “exceptionally” severe in both frontal lobes.

Dr Ann McKee said Adams’s CTE was similar to Aaron Hernandez’s.

“He was getting more and more paranoid, he had more and more difficulty with his memories, and he was most likely exhibiting more and more compulsive behaviors,” McKee said.

“He lived largely on his own, it may not have been recognized, but I doubt it was entirely out of the blue. “

Adams also complained of excruciating pain and had difficulty sleeping, according to the coroner.

While in the NFL, Adams suffered at least two concussions.

Kellen Winslow, Jr, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the rapes he committed
Kellen Winslow, Jr, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the rapes he committedCredit: AP: Associated press


In March 2021, former NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr was sentenced to 14 years in prison for raping five women, including a 58-year-old homeless woman.

Son of San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame receiver Kellen Winslow, Winslow Jr. is said to have attributed his offenses against five women in Southern California to head injuries he sustained throughout his career.

The father of two was convicted of forcible rape, rape of an unconscious person, assault with intent to rape, indecent exposure and obscene conduct in public.


One victim, a 77-year-old woman, said: “This is someone who was allowed to use their financial privileges and fame to escape jail while awaiting trial, that’s when ‘he victimized me. “

Its attacks began in 2003 and continued until June 2019.

His lawyers drafted a 22-page statement calling for the lowest possible prison sentence, based on Winslow Jr’s history of head trauma, USA Today reported.

A clinical psychologist found that the football player had symptoms consistent with CTE and that the behavior could be linked to the more than 1,000 hits to the head that Winslow Jr suffered throughout his football career.

Aaron Hernandez was plagued by CTE, which triggered severe paranoia
Aaron Hernandez was plagued by CTE, which triggered severe paranoiaCredit: AP: Associated press


One of the most high-profile cases of CTE-related murder involved New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, 27.

Despite his fame, the paranoid Hernandez slept with knives and rode around in an armored car filled with guns and rifles in hidden compartments.

In June 2013, the NFL star executed his friend Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near his home and was later arrested and jailed for life without parole.

He was also accused of killing two other people but was acquitted of the double homicide.

Hernandez shocked the world even more when he committed suicide in his prison cell.

An autopsy showed he was suffering from severe CTE, resulting in lack of impulse control, paranoia and raging behaviors.

The infamous OJ Simpson case sparked decades of controversy
The infamous OJ Simpson case sparked decades of controversyCredit: Reuters


OJ Simpson, charged and acquitted of double homicide, says he believes he suffered a brain injury due to his NFL career.

Simpson allegedly murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and his friend Ron Goldman in a knife frenzy in 1994 – a crime for which he was later found responsible in a civil court.

The footballer-turned-actor was jailed for kidnapping and theft in 2007.

Unearthed diaries belonging to Nicole document as many as 60 different incidents of alleged beatings.

OJ has previously denied ever beating his wife and said she hit him “many times”.


Witnessing in 1996, Simpson alleged that Nicole lied when she wrote in her papers and told others that she had beaten her.

She claims that the first time Simpson beat her was in 1978, and that he beat her and clubbed her for hours, ripped off her clothes and smashed her car with a bat. baseball over a 16-year period, according to the Daily Mail. , who cited copies of the journal entries.

A diary entry claims Simpson started beating her on the way home from two friends’ birthday party.

“Thrown me on the ground, hit me, kicked me. We went to the hotel where he continued to beat me for hours and I continued to crawl out the door, ”the entrance reads.

The shocking diaries were reportedly found hidden in a safe alongside photographs of Nicole’s injuries and creepy apology letters allegedly from Simpson.

The documents were dismissed as hearsay by a judge in the initial trial.

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