June 30, 2022

Ines de la Fressange: For a vitamin-packed winter!

Is it still useful to explain to you what this monthly meeting consists of which has become a ritual for most of you? Just in case, a little booster shot never hurts. Every month, the former muse of Chanel Ines de la Fressange offers us a selection of her favorites of the moment in an elegant box “La lettre d’Ines le coffret”, delivered directly to your letterbox and including a selection of surprise products carefully chosen by … Ines herself!

Fashion product, accessory, decorative object … “I take you through my walks, in Paris or elsewhere, and give you all my tips, sometimes with a celebrity secret,” she explains. This month, the model invites us to share with us her latest finds which revolve around one of her favorite colors: red! A theme that fits perfectly with autumn, but also with the end of the year celebrations which are fast approaching.

To start with, you will find cologne Arthur Dupuy’s Happy Ideas with solar notes of orange, lemon and Mediterranean bergamot, which, according to Ines, “will allow you to start the day with a fresh and invigorating touch”.

The ex-model also dug up a pretty Henriette ring at Bliche, a triple row including one in chain links. “In addition to being beautiful, this ring is clever because it is adjustable and adapts to all fingers!”, Maintains Ines.

And finally, for the face, a skin vitality serum from Mavala. Vitamin C, apricot pulp, fine pearlescent … result, a hydrated skin, a fresh and luminous complexion, all in a melting, non-greasy and non-sticky serum.

So see you as soon as possible on our site to discover the subscriptions and already order your next box!

Happy shopping to you all!