January 25, 2022

I’m the naughty boy of a celebrity called out for using a fake date of birth

The music producer argued that he was four years younger than he really was, even ITV rating him at 36.

Credit: ITV

One of ITV’s recent press releases states: “Famous for his love of cooking, the 36-year-old hopes to cook a few meals at the chateau while taking on the role of chef. He also hopes to be someone everyone can confide in. ”

According to The Sun, however, public records show that the star – real name Shahid Khan – was born on January 1, 1981, making her 40 (41 on New Year’s Day).

It seems like this is something he’s talked to pigs about in the past with one of his old school buddies speaking to the post about his age change.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

They told The Sun, “Naughty in name and naughty by nature – he laughs pretending he’s younger.”

“Shahid’s real age is Watford’s worst-kept secret. It’s great that he has done so well. But blatantly lying about her age is pretty sad. ”

Okay we’ve all been there (nobody ever pretended to be 18 when they were actually 16?)

45secondes.fr has contacted ITV for a statement.

In the meantime, let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time that Naughty Boy has been a little sneaky.

In fact, when the campmates arrived in the I am a celebrity castle, he quickly admitted to trying to smuggle a range of spices into the camp.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Speaking from the camp hut, Naughty Boy said, “Before I left, I crushed some spices that might make the rice and beans taste a little nice.

“So what I did, I put it in my sock. This is my naughty masala, there are cumin seeds, cloves, turmeric, coriander seeds.

“If you ask my mom, eating bland food is like a crime. “

He then came out and told his teammates about his attempted plan, but revealed: “I asked them if it was okay if I could use a little bit because we are suffering enough like that and they confiscated it. . “

Richard Madeley – who had to leave camp for medical reasons and cannot return – congratulated him for thinking of the idea and later in the hunt he said: “Naughty Boy has been to the height of its name.

“He smuggled something into the camp. I think that’s a real mark of character actually. And you know we have to break the rules a little bit here.

“I can promise you, after talking to everyone here, that this won’t be the last time the rules are bent. ”

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