January 26, 2022

Identity of winner of Blue Origin’s first spaceflight auction

According to Digital aspect reported in June, Blue Origin auctioned off the first seat of its first commercial suborbital flight, which took place on July 20. The anonymous winner would fly with Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Blue Origin), his brother Mark Bezos and Wally Funk, one of the pioneering women of space exploration.

However, due to a scheduling conflict, the auction winner was unable to participate in the first flight. So the place went to Joes Daemen, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners, who had bought a ticket for the second flight. However, instead of flying, he chose to introduce his son Oliver – who, to date, is the youngest space tourist in history.

Either way, the point is that on Wednesday (22) Justin Sun, founder and CEO of blockchain platform Tron, revealed that he is the person who paid US $ 28 million (approx. R $ 157 million) for a seat aboard the first Blue Origin. manned space flight.

Justin Sun, founder and CEO of blockchain platform Tron, revealed he was the person who paid $ 28 million for a seat aboard Blue Origin’s first manned space flight. Image: Tron

Blue Origin to take Sun and five people of their choice to space in 2022

According to Sun, his plans to fly into space have only been postponed, not thwarted. The 31-year-old businessman said he plans to pilot a New Shepard mission next year, along with five other “space warriors” he will name.

In a Twitter post, Sun described what he’s looking for. “Six months ago, I had the chance to win the auction for the first version of Blue Origin! Today I am announcing that I am launching the ‘Sea of ​​Stars’ campaign, which will select 5 warriors to explore space with me in 2022! The tweet said, accompanied by a video.

According to Sun, one of the crew will be “a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world. [moeda]”. Another will be a member of the Tron community “with a strong passion for space” and another will be a tech entrepreneur. The fourth and fifth nominees will be an artist and a celebrity, respectively.

More details on the nomination process and the criteria involved will be released in the coming months, according to Blue Origin.

The amount Sun donated at the auction was donated to the Club for the Future, a non-profit organization of Blue Origin that aims to inspire children to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and math (STEM) “and to help invent the future of living in space,” according to the organization’s website.

“With the rapid development of the commercial aerospace industry, entering space can become a dream that anyone can achieve in their lifetime. We are entering the era of great space flights. This great journey requires more people to get involved, ”Sun said.

“Blue Origin’s initiative to bring more people into space to see Earth as our one common home is extraordinary,” he added. “The Club for the Future presents a way to use this experience to inspire young people around the world to dream and realize their dreams of science, technology and space exploration. I felt obligated to help promote this vision through my candidacy.

Although born and raised in China, Sun is considered Grenadine. Grenada, a Caribbean country, recently appointed him ambassador to the World Trade Organization. According to Blue Origin, he will then be the first Grenadian, the first international diplomat and the first leader of the blockchain industry to travel to space.

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