May 22, 2022

“I used to wake up screaming”

Iris Mittenaere, influencer and former Miss Universe 2016 was editor-in-chief for a day at Aufeminin. Managing her image, anecdotes… she confided in her daily life as a public figure.

Iris Mittenaere was elected Miss France and Miss Universe 2016. Since then, she has been in the spotlight. Influencer on social networks, fashion designer for Morgan, radio host on Chérie FM where she writes a daily column, TV presenter… Indeed, Iris Mittenaere can be found every Friday hosting Ninja Warrior on TF1. She also remains an essential member of the Miss France family and often participates in events with her colleagues and Sylvie Tellier. The former beauty queen was the editor-in-chief for a day at Aufeminin. The influencer with more than 2.8 million subscribers on Instagram confided in her celebrity, her image profession and her daily life. “It’s not always easy, but I love my job because I can do almost anything I want. I’m launching a collection with my mother for Morgan in May, I was able to take my father to the Elysée… I realize how lucky I am”, she confided.

Iris Mittenaere: her nightmares about fame

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Managing its notoriety is not an easy task, and Iris Mittenaere will not say the opposite. “Notoriety fell on me a bit because, when I did all the competitions, I did not expect to win. It was quite brutal and at first it’s scary.” So scared that the former Miss told us that she shared her first nights at the Miss France apartment with her friend and former Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf. “I used to wake up screaming, saying ‘Stop taking my picture’, it was anxiety. I also dreamed that my neighbors took pictures of me… It took me a while, at least 4 to 5 months, to get used to it.”

Iris Mittenaere: her decision on fame

“When I was elected Miss Universe, during my year in New York, I was paparazzied a lot. They took pictures of me without my knowledge while I was at the hairdresser, buying toilet paper at the supermarket…”explicque Iris Mittenaere. “You never know what will come out on us, you have to wait until the next day.” She spent nights wondering what the paparazzi were going to say about her. “At the beginning of my relationship with Diego (Diego El Glaoui, his companion, editor’s note), it was very difficult because everyone wanted to know about my private life.” This is when Miss Universe 2016 made a radical decision: “At first, I wanted to hide my private life. But I understood that instead of hiding it, I had to manage myself what I wanted to show and how I wanted to show it. Since then, I have been much less paparazered because the photos are already on my networks.”

If the paparrazis have calmed down over time, managing your image remains difficult. “As soon as we leave home, we know that everything we say, everything we do, will be seen and heard. We can’t be 100% ourselves. We don’t you have no right to be sad, tired… You have to be perfect.” To illustrate this, Iris Mittenaere told us an anecdote. “I was on the train, I had just been dumped, I had cried… And then the conductor recognized me and wanted to take a picture with me. I told him that I was in no good shape. , but he said he didn’t care. I took the picture, but it was difficult.”

Iris Mittenaere: “We are never used to being insulted”

The image business is also hard to manage on social networks. Nasty, hateful comments… Taking it all in is not easy: “I have a lot of haters, like everyone else. The more people we have who like us, the more haters we have. I block people who do that. Often they are fake accounts.” If it can be complicated morally because “we are never used to being insulted”, Iris Mittenaere detaches herself from it as much as possible. The only time she was deeply touched was when she revealed her relationship with Diego El Glaoui. “When I shared the first pictures with Diego, I received racist messages and it affected me because it affects a person I love.”

If her job sometimes exposes her to negative aspects, Iris Mittenaere remains clear: she loves what she does and would not trade it for any other job. Fan of Miss Universe 2016? Find her on Friday February 4 for Ninja Warrior on TF1.

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