January 25, 2022

I am celebrity’s Kadeena Cox grief when she finds out her running trainer died while she was at the castle

I’M A Celebrity star Kadeena Cox revealed her heartbreak after finding out her running trainer had died while she was in the castle.

The Paralympic champion opened up about the tragic death of her former coach Brian Scobie in a moving social media post.


Kadeena only learned of the sad news after leaving the castle[/caption]


Brian has coached Kadeena throughout his Paralympic career[/caption]

Kadeena, 30, has revealed how she found out Brian died while on the show – and only found out when she got home.

She posted a series of photographs of herself and Brian to celebrate her life this weekend, along with a heartfelt message.

Kadeena revealed how Brian started training her as a teenager, when he hired her as a young athlete “with bright eyes and enthusiasm”.

The reality star explained, “Last week I celebrated the chain of training that took me from a schoolboy who quickly became a 4x Paralympic champion.

“After leaving the castle on Monday night, I found out that an integral part of this chain died while I was on the show.

“Finding the right words is difficult, he was not just a trainer I worked with for 11 years, but a father figure to whom I owe so much.

She explained how she started training with Brian at the age of 15, with the coach helping her to become a “great national level athlete.”

“He didn’t just train me, he took me to competitions (always telling mum he would make sure I was back safe) he paid for the races when the Money was tight and taught me the life lessons I really needed, ”continued Kadeena. .

“Prevented me from fighting when I had bit more than I could chew.” “

The athlete explained how the coach also supported her throughout her battle with multiple sclerosis before leaving training when her health deteriorated.

“I cherish the cards I still have and will always be your ‘little bird’,” she concluded with emotion. “Fly high Mr. Scobie, you will always have a special place in my heart. “

Friends and fans alike immediately flocked to the comments section to send Kadeena their best wishes and sympathies.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, he sounds like an amazing person – such a beautiful tribute,” one fan wrote. “Sympathies to you. “

“So sorry for your loss Kadeena, what an incredible man and what a beautiful tribute to him,” added a second, as a third reflected on the athlete’s “beautiful words”.

Last week, Kadeena revealed how her battle with MS meant she needed help getting to the bathroom while filming I Am a Celebrity at Gwrych Castle.

Kadeena said, “I thought my MS would be nice to me. Turns out MS is never nice to you, so I really struggled with fatigue and my spasms were a problem.

“There were times when my speech was really muddled and everyone was really worried about me. There were times when campmates literally had to help me get to bed, they had to help me go to the bathroom, and it was a real struggle.

Kadeena was the third celebrity to leave the ITV show this year.


Kadeena paid tribute to her trainer Brian in a moving post[/caption]