July 2, 2022

How rapper Jay-Z propelled sales of Armand de Brignac champagne

It took a few seconds in the clip Show Me What You Got rapper Jay-Z to ensure the celebrity of Champagne Armand de Brignac. We see the American singer opening a briefcase and revealing a bottle with a silver dress and marked with an ace of spades.

“The story began at the very beginning of the 2000s, explains Alexandre Cattier. My father then imagines creating a luxury champagne brand. The first oenological tests were carried out and, at the same time, he joined forces with a New York company to ensure marketing and distribution. “

Armand de Brignac, premium brand from Maison Cattier recognizable by its ace of spades. © Jean-Michel Niester / Ouest-France

The first bottles are golden and target an upscale and festive clientele. But the slightly bling bling bottle is not Armand de Brignac’s only asset. “In 2010, the Fine champagne magazine ranked us the best champagne in the world ahead of all the great prestige vintages. “

A clip, a ranking and sales soar. “In 2014, Jay-Z bought the New York-based company and became our partner. He also came here, to Chigny-les-Roses, in the company of Beyoncé, his wife, to discover our cellars. “

The rapper but also a businessman is setting up a new team to boost the brand. Champagne then leaves the world of the night where it was introduced to find itself in palaces, very chic events and wine tastings.

From € 270 to € 850 per bottle!

In February 2021, Jay-Z sold half of its shares to the company Moët Hennessy distribution. “So we are associated with them as well, as exclusive producers. “

Today, the Cattier house releases more than 500,000 bottles of Armand de Brignac each year. Prices go from € 270 to € 850 per bottle!

But where does this name come from? “In 1950, my grandmother imagined a brand called“ de Brignac ”. She had found this name in a novel. He liked the hero a lot so that was his way of paying homage to him. ” Ultimately, this champagne had not been created.

It was not until fifty more years and the first name Armand that it saw the light of day. The hero of Grandma Cattier’s novel was surely very far from Jay-Z’s rap. Corn ” Yo man », Success is an alchemy of luck, talent and mystery.