January 26, 2022

Hervé Vilard had to bury Alexandra, the only woman he loved, while she was pregnant with their baby

Confronting fatherhood is often seen as an incredible thing. If generally we do not know how to initiate it, when we have started to prepare for it, to see this right stolen from our fingers in a brutal way, is a tragedy. In his last book, Hervé Vilard returned to the terrible drama which had won him the life of his companion, and of their future baby.

You certainly know Hervé Vilard as a famous author. At last I heard, he released a book which is making the headlines day after day. It is precisely for this outing that he embarked on various trying interviews.

Through his stories, the public discovered with emotion a not insignificant part of the history of Hervé, that is to say the disappearance of his wife, in a tragic accident. In his book, he powerfully tells this story, which continues to haunt him.

Hervé Vilard.| Photo : Getty images


If life is very precious, it is far from fun. Everyone is therefore doing their best to move forward as best they can. For his part, Hervé Vilard is a fairly concrete example of what a survivor is.

Indeed, the public has known him for years as a celebrity in the art world. However, you have to believe that after all these years, he still had things to spare, like his talent for writing.

To better express himself, he therefore opted for the book release. In “Lier in the trees” published by Éditions Fayard, the 74-year-old man decided to tell his real story to the whole world. So he told the details of one of the greatest losses of his life, the disappearance of his partner, and their baby.


While his songs made him one of the greatest virtuosos of his time, Hervé had the privilege of touring the world. On the roads, he ended up falling in awe of South America. This is how he decided to settle in Mexico. According to information, it was on this land that he had met the unforgettable Consuella.

Consuella was a unique young woman, so much so that she had managed to hold the singer’s attention at first sight. Taken affection for her, Hérvé had given her a nickname for the less adapted, “Lalla”. It didn’t take much for the two to fall in love, and begin what must have been a beautiful love story.

As he reveals so well in his book, Hervé was so enamored with his beauty, that he already imagined himself returning with her to France, according to him, to “” contemplate Paris, stroll in Saint-Germain in the footsteps of Beauvoir . ”

Coming back to France together was not his only wish at that time, because another desire he kept to himself was to start a family with his beloved. It was a desire that did not take long to wait, because Consuella very quickly fell pregnant.


When Hervé learned that his lady was expecting a baby, the singer was ecstatic. He could not hide his increasingly ardent thoughts on the future of the unborn baby. He was speculating on the sex of the child, or even his future name.

“It will be a boy, of course. He will be handsome and intelligent, like his dad Hervé! We’ll call him Pedro, Pierre. Pierre or Pedro “.

His joy was however stopped dead, when he learned the terrible news: Consuella had been the victim of a car accident which had cost him his life. It was an “exit from the road. A car in a ravine. Lalla left, taking with her what was to be our greatest victory. ”With this tragedy, Hervé had lost his partner, his future baby, and his family dreams.

“Our child is dead. Before being born. Taking with him my desire to become a father without a past. He would have made a superman out of me. I wouldn’t have given him any explanations. Why so many lost loves? I asked for it with all my soul, this little mulatto. ”

According to Hervé, that day, the grim reaper had entered his love story. Although life was not the same after this drama, the singer revealed in his book that if this incident had not happened, his life would be completely different.

“I convinced myself that I was made to start a family, that our Métis child would be the most beautiful, the strongest. She needed me. I needed her “.

It must be said that one of the reasons why Hervé wanted so much to have a family, is perhaps due to the fact that he did not have one as a child. Indeed, younger, the singer had been a placed child. He was an orphan, who like so many had been raped, beaten, and manhandled in an orphanage.

Hervé had been sent to Saint-Vincent-de-Paul at the age of 6. At that time, his name was René Vilard. Without family or attachment, he had grown as best he could, clinging to all kinds of glimmers of hope.

On his way, he ended up meeting Daniel Cordier, the famous resistance fighter. A few years later, he had become Hervé’s legal guardian. It was in 1962. In one of his interviews granted to France Dimanche, Hervé had returned to his great story with the man who died at the age of 100.

The singer explained that Daniel had adopted him only because he had asked him to. According to the singer, it is not up to parents to adopt children, but rather the opposite.

“It is not for adults to adopt children, but for them to choose as soon as they are of the age of reason. There is the emotion of absence on the face of an adopted child, as if he is always ready to go ”.

Hervé has always had his own way of seeing things. Perhaps it is thanks to this that the latter will certainly remain a shooting star, despite the misfortunes he has had to overcome.