July 1, 2022

Gims, after his wife’s illness, talks about rumors of polygamy and his difficulty in obtaining nationality

Like all stars, Gims has also been entitled to a rumor about him. For some time now, we have been told that the rapper is polygamous and is married to a woman other than DemDem. It was also said that it was for this reason that he did not obtain French citizenship. Rumor or no rumor? The singer finally responds.

On January 23, 2022, Gims agreed to be interviewed by Journal du Dimanche. During his interview, the 35-year-old man confided in many things, in particular the fact that he is not yet French. He also denied being polygamous during his stint. We give you the details.


Gims has been shining in the world of music for many years now. Known for being the leader of the group “Sexion d’Assaut” in 2012, the 30-year-old preferred to go solo a few years later.

The singer Maitre Gims. | Photo: Getty Images

Since then, he is among the favorite singers of the French and almost all the songs he releases are successful.

However, although the rapper’s career is going very well so far, he has been struggling for the past few years. He has, in fact, still not obtained French nationality. However, the singer, born in Kinshasa, has lived in France since he was 2 years old and loves the country very much.

“I express myself in French, I love the French language. I am an ambassador of the French language in the world”,

Despite everything, the 30-year-old continues to fight to obtain this nationality. Hopefully one day he will get it.


If at the professional level, Gims, Gandhi Djuna of his real name, knows a huge success, the interpreter of “Zombie” is also a happy man alongside his wife DemDem. The latter shares the life of the rapper for 17 years and supports him in everything he does.

In particular, DemDem has achieved a certain notoriety in recent years and the fact that she is an influencer is proof of this. Thus, the young woman is very active on social networks and shares her daily life from time to time.

But in July 2021, it was disturbing news shared by Gims’ wife on Instagram. She announced that she had sciatica which prevented her “from living for two months” and which even led her to be “on morphine”.

For this reason, the young woman had to leave the family home located in Morocco, to be treated in a hospital in France.

Her hospitalization obviously went well since some time later, Gims’ wife revealed to her subscribers in her story that she was waiting for her husband who came to pick her up by plane.

A short time later, we see her finally being surrounded by her children in Marrakech. A real treat for the whole family.


Being a celebrity also means facing many rumors about him and it is certainly not Gims who will say the opposite. While spinning the perfect love alongside DemDem, a scandal that the thirties would be married to another woman in Morocco has been controversial for some time.

It has even been said that it is for this reason that the young man cannot obtain French nationality, since in the country, living “in a state of polygamy” is prohibited.

Tired of this rumor, Gims finally wanted to clarify things. At Journal du Dimanche on January 23, 2022, the singer strongly denied this “hearing” about him.

“That’s totally wrong. I live with DemDem and the children. I got married only once,”

he said before adding that the fact that he lives in Morocco must have “brought this ambiguity”.

Thus, the fact that the rapper did not obtain French nationality has nothing to do with his polygamy since it is not true. According to the singer, the refusal of nationality “is linked to a crime” that he would have committed when he was still very young.

Be that as it may, the 30-year-old, who says he has a “clean” criminal record, does not intend to give up and will try to make another request very soon.


Gims therefore only has eyes for one woman and this is obviously his darling DemDem. The love story of the two lovebirds dates back to 2005, when the young woman was still only a high school student.

Although they were still young, the singer and his partner immediately knew that they wanted to stay together until the end of their day. Because of this, they decided to say “yes” to each other forever the same year they met. Since then they have been inseparable.

Wanting to protect his family from over-mediatization, Gims has always been discreet about his private life. It was therefore a big surprise for his fans to see DemDem talk about his companion for the very first time in a documentary that W9 devoted to the singer a few years ago.

During her time in the program, the young woman said that her husband was a man “who does not show much”, while she is quite the opposite. According to her, DemDem is a “very expressive” woman.

“And the funny thing is that in the studio, he’s completely the opposite. And me, in public, I become very shy”,


From their union, Gims and DemDem had the chance to become parents. In total, the couple has four children who make them very happy and whom they protect from the media.

However, even if he adores his wife and offspring, unfortunately Dadju’s brother is not always by their side due to his busy schedule. A situation that greatly saddens the young singer, as his wife confided in another documentary by the rapper on Netflix.

“He suffers from not being present enough for his children”,

As a result, when he has the opportunity, Gims makes the most of the time he spends with his toddlers by playing with them.


Beyond his talent as a singer, Gims also stood out from other singers in relation to his look, in particular his habit of always wearing glasses wherever he was.

But while we are used to seeing him under his dark glasses, the rapper had shocked more than one by appearing without his favorite object a few days ago. Indeed, on Instagram, Haby’s dad posted a photo of him where we see his eyes, which greatly surprised internet users.

However, the thirties had refused to take off his glasses in front of Audrey Crespo-Mara a few months earlier. At the time, he revealed he was afraid to take them off because he’s done “so much with them.”

“I can be asked to lift a truck, I’ll do everything for it, but there, taking off my glasses like that, I’m scared”,

Obviously, the rapper was able to overcome this fear at the start of 2022.